I’ve been asked before why I even bothered giving my children names because I only ever refer to them by their nicknames.   It’s funny how when you’re pregnant, you think of these beautiful names with variations you love; noble and strong names you can imagine lasting them through childhood and into their adult life. […]

I’ve always mentioned how I dislike the whole Rain Man, “what’s Jude’s amazing skill?” kind of attitude because frankly, it’s ridiculous.     He’s a human being and not a magician. BUT when it comes to Jude’s sense of direction, his skills certainly overshadow mine by a miles. And my mum’s. In fact, I blame […]

  I must get asked this question on an almost weekly basis. When did I realise there  was something slightly different with Jude? I know some people don’t like this sort of discussion and I totally agree that fundamentally, everyone is different. BUT it doesn’t take a genius to see that Jude is slightly more […]

  I wrote this post last month for the charity, Family Fund. They have helped us in the past buy a few bits for Jude – do you remember all the sensory stuff I got for his room? I think it was back in July 2016. Needless to say all those lovely bits have been […]

On first appearances, I think many people overlook Jude’s internal anxiety but it’s something I’ve been wary of and somewhat afraid of for the past couple of years. I’m also convinced it has got worse with age.   This evening I called Jude, as I do every day, to have a brief chat and to […]