I’ve been laughed at by my family over this but I wanted to share my excitement with you about my new favourite gizmo. I bought a slow cooker! Do you have one? I’m not into kitchen gadgets, I don’t have the time, patience (or the work surface space!) to include any more stuff into our […]


Hello all, how was your weekend?   As you know, I write blog posts for Family Fund and this latest addition was about mess! Ha! I thought, my specialist subject…as Emmeline demonstrates so beautifully in this image.   Here’s the post, I hope you enjoy it.   PS – Good luck to all those embarking […]

*This is a collaborative post   The job of a modern parent can often be a very tricky and troubling one, especially with all of the modern tech in the world. Kids are often more interested in playing videos games, watching television, and keeping up with social media than going outside, and it makes sense. […]

Jude’s sense of direction

I’ve always mentioned how I dislike the whole Rain Man, “what’s Jude’s amazing skill?” kind of attitude because frankly, it’s ridiculous.     He’s a human being and not a magician. BUT when it comes to Jude’s sense of direction, his skills certainly overshadow mine by a miles. And my mum’s. In fact, I blame […]

  I must get asked this question on an almost weekly basis. When did I realise there  was something slightly different with Jude? I know some people don’t like this sort of discussion and I totally agree that fundamentally, everyone is different. BUT it doesn’t take a genius to see that Jude is slightly more […]

*This is a collaborative post 🙂   Feeling happier every day is something most people can do, if they really try. Now, let’s just start by saying nobody can expect to feel elation every single day. Meaning and purpose are far better things to aim for than happiness alone, as life tends to ebb and […]

Jude had a really lovely weekend at home but I’ve noticed (and I’m aware that I talk about this a lot) that his anxiety has got worst.   Now when he’s going through his standard regularly asked questions, he includes “but we’re not going out?” in amongst the “when am I seeing Granny?” “Is dinner […]