Wiggle toothbrush review by Emmeline

Before I hand over to the real reviewer, I just thought I’d give you a brief outline of what a Wiggle is. By way of background, we’ve had somewhat of a battle with regard to Emmeline brushing her teeth. This is a polite way of saying that she rarely does so properly. It was as if by magic that Whites Beaconsfield got in touch and asked if we’d like to test out a few new dental gadgets, some of which are aimed at children. By note of clarity, all items reviewed were gifted to us in response for this write-up. All thoughts are our own.

And my response was…


And to be honest it was a winner before we’d even opened the packaging. The set comes in a beautiful box and that, apparently, is important to Emmeline. She won’t let me throw it away and puts her new Wiggle to “bed” every night in her room. And not only does the brush look like a strawberry, the strawberry flavoured toothpaste foam tastes really good too (if Emmeline isn’t complaining then it really must be great). The addition of an LED light completely finishes off the now exciting treat of teeth brushing.

It is a pretty box…sorry Wiggle bed

What makes it special?

The 360° cleaning device sits in the mouth like a gum shield ensuring all surfaces are reached and eliminating bacteria in just sixty seconds.  The device is called Wiggle because it ‘wiggles’ in the mouth and cleans teeth without the need for brushing.

Wiggle is designed for children aged two and above and comes with fluoride-free toothpaste foam. It has been created by the UK’s leading provider of non-peroxide natural teeth whitening products Whites Beaconsfield who also produce electric toothbrushes and toothpastes.

Toothpaste foam

Whites Beaconsfield was founded by entrepreneurial brothers Ollie Brittan, 27, Toby Brittan, 28, and their friend Tom Jansons, 29. Their products are so successful, that dentists rave about how good they are. For example…Dr Ali Hussain, a fully qualified NHS and private dentist, said: “Wiggle from Whites Beaconsfield is a real game-changer. This innovative product will truly revolutionise the way we get our children to brush their teeth. As a parent, I know the stress of trying to encourage your little one to brush their teeth and this is the answer. Not only does Wiggle make teeth cleaning a fun activity it also cleans teeth more efficiently in a 360 degree way in just sixty seconds.”

LED light

The reviewers thoughts…

So Emmeline, why do you love your Wiggle?

“Hmmm, I like the toothpaste, that tastes of strawberries. Also, it’s a strawberry shape, you don’t think Jude will try to eat it? He likes strawberries. *Contemplative pause* “Oh yeah, I like its name too. Wiggle!”

Is it easy to use?

“Yeah. You just hold it in your mouth and move it a little bit.” *More thinking* “Oh hang on, I like the fact it lights up too. That looks so cool.”

The pivotal question…Emmeline, do you think we will now have less battles about brushing your teeth?

Haha yeah, ok maybe. I like my Wiggle. Plus Elsa hasn’t got one, her toothbrush is boring.”

Emmeline then descended into chatter that is neither relevant nor interesting for anyone wanting a valid review of this toothbrush. But, I can’t emphasise how great it’s been since she’s used the Wiggle. I feel confident her teeth are thoroughly brushed and we no longer have evening and before school arguments. At least not about her teeth…

Wiggle retails for £49.99 and the kit includes: 1x Wiggle (Whites Children’s Electric Toothbrush), 1x USB charging cable, 1x charging dock, 1x strawberry flavoured foam toothpaste, 2x u-shaped mouth trays for children ages 2+.

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