I’m always a little overwhelmed when someone emails me for advice, to say thank you or just to tell me about their experiences with the council or schooling in general. I never really know what to say. I feel so honoured that anyone feels the urge to take time out of their hectic lives […]

This child’s energy levels are like nothing I’ve seen before. I think this photo sums Emmeline up really well. So my answer last week was to try and wear her out as much as possible so we could have an easy bedtime with her on Saturday evening. Soft play was my initial decision.   Who […]

Things I’ve learnt

It’s my birthday in a few weeks so I thought I’d write a list of things I’ve learnt throughout my life amounting to the age I’ll be…eeeekk it seems such a grown up number!       You never really know exactly what you’re doing. I always thought that as a “grown up” I’d be […]

It’s been an interesting seven days to say the least… I’ve had interviews, worked too much, driven millions of miles here there are everywhere for the family and I’ve defended myself and the children. I think it’s safe so say another layer of skin has formed across my body.   BUT it’s been a positive […]

Today when I dropped Jude back to school, I was given this beautiful Christmas gift from his Support Worker. I wanted to share it with you.   When you know you aren’t going to see your little boy for over a week then something like this is so precious 🙂