What can you see in a photograph?

It’s been an interesting seven days to say the least…

I’ve had interviews, worked too much, driven millions of miles here there are everywhere for the family and I’ve defended myself and the children. I think it’s safe so say another layer of skin has formed across my body.


BUT it’s been a positive week for many reasons.


Emmeline has started using the toilet and is so proud of herself! Every five minutes we hear “I need a wee, mummy.”  It’s her new favourite hobby. She doesn’t want any help whatsoever and if you dare to open then door when she’s on the toilet then she shouts “go away mummy/daddy/Elsa/Joood”


Jude also came home for the weekend and had a lovely time with his sisters. He is such a different child these days; his serenity (comparative to the old Jude), happiness, acceptance of the unexpected and his manners are remarkable. Jude also saw his beloved Support Worker and had a wonderful time with her; she’s certainly one of the most positive people in his life and I’m eternally thankful for everything that she does for him.


I genuinely think he’s happier at his school house than he is at home but he still has that natural draw back to his family. I don’t blame him really, if I could go and live at his house I’d absolutely jump at the chance. Having someone with you all the time, playing the games you love and chatting whenever you want to, it sounds awesome! Back at home, it’s a bit more manic and that just doesn’t suit Jude at all.


We made a scrap book for Jude to take back to his school house and he knows that if he wants to look through it then he just needs to ask his Support Worker. It’s similar to the book he and his school Support Worker made for my Christmas present and I think I must have looked through it at least twenty times before handing it over this evening when dropping him back off at his house. I wish I’d taken some photos to show you but I can do that next weekend when he’s home again; I’ll be adding to it each week 🙂


I asked Elsa if she had any lovely photos of Jude on her phone and she sent me an absolute load! Here are three of the better ones…





Sometimes within a photograph you capture the important elements that get lost in craziness of life.

When Jude is home, I feel like everything is a hundred miles an hour and I often miss what is so clearly obvious throughout all the pictures I post on my Instagram feed or through this blog and especially in the photos above. Love. Everyone loves Jude. So many people are part of Jude’s life…Support Workers, teachers, Jude’s Key Worker, people at the school, even shop workers who recognise and so fondly remember Jude. Without quoting a really cool film…there’s something about Jude.


Is it his hilarious laugh?


His wonderful hugging ability?

This photo does make me chuckle. Jude being Jude, he hasn’t got a clue what to do when someone cries. Whenever Emmeline is tearful, he says to me “Emmeline’s crying mum. Can you sort her out?”


“Hugging” Granny



Anyway, I’ve no idea what element of Jude appeals to each person but it’s clear to see how loved he is <3

He’s a lucky boy.




How has your week been?


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