*This is a collaborative post 🙂   Feeling happier every day is something most people can do, if they really try. Now, let’s just start by saying nobody can expect to feel elation every single day. Meaning and purpose are far better things to aim for than happiness alone, as life tends to ebb and […]

*This is a collaborative post     ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and all over the world families are gearing up for the festive joviality of the holiday season.   Trees are being erected and decorated, presents are being frantically scooped up along bustling high streets, supermarkets are awash with the panic buying of […]

It’s that time of year again when Christmas shopping dominates many conversations and we start to search our brains for ideas of what to get Jude. Jude isn’t your typical child who loves to receive toys and the the latest fad gadget. He doesn’t play with things “properly”, doesn’t really understand most activities aimed at […]

  This is a collaborative post 🙂    There are few things in this world more wonderful than being a parent. It’s the kind of thing that brings new meaning into your life in a way that you might never have even expected. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s all sunshine and rainbows. The […]

*This article is a collaborative post When the word poverty is mentioned, the immediate thought heads straight to poorer countries like Africa who can’t afford clean water, education and food. While these facts are sadly true and devastating, did you know that in the UK, as many as three children in a class of thirty […]

*This is a collaborative post*     The last decade has been a rocky period for Britain and a lot of sacrifices have been made. But they’ve come at a cost. Every day the news is full of stories about a struggling NHS, overcrowded prisons, and funding cuts for disabled people. All of this bad […]

*this is a collaborative post*   According to the latest data we have, childhood anxiety is on the rise. This is a subject close to my heart as Jude suffers from anxiety brought on (I think) from his inability to truly comprehend the world.   Around 1 in 8 children now have some form of […]

  *This is a collaborative post*   The secret ingredient when it comes to raising good kids, kids that make your heart burst with pride and kids that become a shining light of awesomeness to the children around them stems from teaching them the right values. That is the role we have as parents – […]