Hello All,   I featured in a bloggers interview this week so thought some of you might like to have a look.   Sarah’s blog – Tammymum is one I have followed since I began blogging. Not that they look anything alike but I used her website as a bit of inspiration for mine; hers looks beautiful […]

SUPER PARENTING by the BBC I’m not going to go into huge detail but I saw this today and it immediately made me roll my eyes. The points in this article are great in theory but perhaps will be seen as just another way of making already exhausted, stressed out and daunted parents feel worse […]

I keep finding chewed up socks and cuddly toys around the house. Jude went through a phase when he was younger of needing that sensation in his mouth, something to chew on and to hold. But these last few years he hasn’t done it and I thought we’d perhaps moved past this section of his […]

The ever so lovely Helen at Dee Dee and Boo sent me the most beautiful hand drawn image for our girls and I just wanted to show you all because I think it would make a fantastic gift for someone of any age if you’re stuck for ideas.   Helen asked me some basic questions for […]