Today was exhausting and neither Joe nor I sat down until the evening but in the end, it was worth it as our little Emmeline had her first birthday party with lots of family and friends all around her. Hosting a party is tiring and doubly so when you have to factor a disabled child […]

Big Swing

So it turns out Jude’s “big swing” as he calls it, has been the single best purchase of my  entire life! All day he has asked if he can go and play on it and after repeated prolonged periods of absence by Jude, I kept finding him like this… Or this… It’s amazing!! My mum bought him a […]

I won’t write a lot today as I don’t want to bore you every day, but I have some nice pictures from our time at the spring yesterday afternoon. Jude did well and managed to independently cross bridges and climb steps but what was also lovely was that he and Elsa went off and played […]

Day One

So yesterday was technically the first day of the summer holidays and I think it went pretty typical to form. We argued a lot, Jude and Elsa fought (physically as well as verbally!) we played in the garden, I attempted to tidy up but soon realised the futility of this action, we walked to the park and […]

I knew I was going to love Folk by the Oak when we walked in through the entrance and the first thing I saw was an activity tent full of children and adults creating mandalas out of ground lavender and other beautifully coloured ingredients. If you are unsure of what a mandala is, it’s a […]


My weekend was supposed to be a Jude-free chillfest however at the last minute, his father decided he did not want Jude or Elsa to visit him this time. Very confusing for Jude, I don’t know how you can put that kind of situation on Jude as he can only function with regularity and consistency […]

Good intentions…

One of the items I ordered for Jude turned up today so we excitedly opened the box and sat in wonder, watching the (fake) fish and bubbles floating round the tube whilst the water drifted hypnotically between a range of relaxing colours. Jude came home from school and was fascinated! He sat for ages, nose pressed up […]

Today I won £500! Ok, not really. I’ve never won anything monetary in my life. BUT remember a while ago I applied for a Family Fund grant to buy Jude a load of exciting stuff to turn his bedroom into a sensory room!? Well, today they emailed me with my codes to buy all the bits […]

Day in the sunshine

Today was a fabulous day. To start with…Jude decided he wanted to make his own toast for breakfast. Any sign of self-help in Jude is startling as he is possibly the least motivated child I’ve ever met, he hates to try and do things himself as (I think) he is massively afraid of failing. This […]


We were driving to my parents house this afternoon and I was reminded of Jude’s amazing ability for directions, it made me laugh as I’ve always wondered how he could utilise this in the future for work purposes or if this talent will one day, manifest itself into something more easily employed. You know you hear […]