So despite the fact last week almost killed me with stress and fatigue, a couple of good things happened.   Firstly, I was kept up to date with meetings and progress by my new contact within the SEN team and was given a start date at Jude’s new school. It isn’t until Easter which is perfectly fine, […]

Dear HCC,   Please excuse the ubiquitous letter however so many people and so many departments have factored into our time in Hertfordshire that I can’t particularly address it to one individual. That would be unfair and unrealistic.   I have had quite an emotional week with one thing or another but what has pretty much […]

So my apparently convoluted quest to find out what date Jude is transferring to his new school continues… To date, I have been consistently telephoning the council every week for around a month now and have not been given a start date for Jude’s new school. I appreciate that the school are ultimately the deciders of […]

So I met this really lovely lady back in the summer at a blogger event and we hit it off straight away. There was me, very new to the world of blogging and here was Pippa, winning awards and being all professional with her work…oh how intimidated was I!?   Anyway, she writes this fabulous […]