This child’s energy levels are like nothing I’ve seen before. I think this photo sums Emmeline up really well. So my answer last week was to try and wear her out as much as possible so we could have an easy bedtime with her on Saturday evening. Soft play was my initial decision.   Who […]

Today when I dropped Jude back to school, I was given this beautiful Christmas gift from his Support Worker. I wanted to share it with you.   When you know you aren’t going to see your little boy for over a week then something like this is so precious 🙂  

  Mine has been  mental.   I think that word sums up the majority of my weeks at the moment though. I’ve been working full time hours for the last month and a half and it’s certainly added a new dynamic to my life. I can’t really complain though, I enjoy what I do but […]

So how many people does it take to maintain a Jude?    This evening I was thinking of all the people we have in Jude’s “team” right now and I took a moment of pride in realising that everyone involved in Jude’s life is totally awesome. I felt awful driving Jude back to school last […]

I went to visit Jude on my own yesterday after he had finished school. When I arrived, I found him in his room, sitting on his bed playing with lego on his window ledge.   And whilst I still feel completely positive about the decisions we made and the future for Jude on the whole, […]