So, a week today and Jude will be back at school. Halle-bloomin-lujah!!!! Honestly, this boy is so ready to go back to school now. He literally wanders around going through his little routines, he can’t be bothered to do anything and whinges if I suggest we leave the house in any way whatsoever.   Here is […]

Give it up!

So Happy Day’s Charity is going to be forming a larger part of my life over the next few months and I thought it would be cool to mention something they are working on at the moment.   Give it up! Is a campaign where the charity asks you to give up one thing as […]

Funday Friday

I was going to write about something particularly hard hitting and pivotal regarding youth and learning disabilities tonight but I’ve changed my mind. Instead I’m going to write about our trip to a soft play centre this morning 🙂 I haven’t been to soft play for years because, quite frankly, I can’t stand the places. For a […]

Growing up

Jude is growing up and as his mother I need to help him do this as successfully as possible within the confinement of his abilities. I feel I have this massive pressure to not mess up as I don’t want him to get to 15 or 16 and not even be able to do his […]

Now, I know I’m not much of a make up-y kind of gal but I’m attempting to make a bit more of an effort and have promised myself that I will buy the odd treat to help make me feel better about myself in terms of health and appearance. I ordered a lipstick from Arbonne […]

Allotment visit 1

A few years ago, ok more than that, more like about five years ago I had an allotment plot and Jude, Elsa and I used to go there for some fun, family time together. We’d choose seeds to plant, explore all the other amazing and somewhat intimidatingly well organised plots around us and just generally […]

I remember taking Jude to some wonderful horse riding lessons when he was about 5. He had sessions with the lovely people from Riding for the Disabled, a charity that mostly uses volunteers, offering disabled children the opportunity to learn to ride a horse without any judgement, with better equipment to suit the variety of disabilities and all […]