Dinner Excuses

We’ve always been pretty fortunate with food and appetites in this house but it makes me chuckle when you hear a child come out with a cracking reason why they can’t possibly eat their dinner.  As toddlers, Jude went through a phase of refusing anything except beans on toast. He couldn’t talk at the time […]

    So a friend of mine (thanks Leyla!) recently posted an image of some baking she had done at home and they looked soooo good that it inspired me to have a go. I say “baking” but thankfully for me (and my ability to burn myself by merely looking at an oven) these badboys […]

  In a bid to continue my attempt at reaching a professional level of domesticated organisation, I agreed to contribute to the lovely Lyndsey’s Meal Plan Monday series.   I should have taken a picture to show you but I managed to get my kitchen to the point where I had no viable meal food […]

So I met this really lovely lady back in the summer at a blogger event and we hit it off straight away. There was me, very new to the world of blogging and here was Pippa, winning awards and being all professional with her work…oh how intimidated was I!?   Anyway, she writes this fabulous […]