It’s Friday evening, Jude and Elsa have gone to their dads for the weekend and peace is slowly starting to take over from the frazzled hazardous energy that Jude leaves in his wake. It’s amazing how quick you can get used to living like a “normal” family without his daily presence and I wonder now, […]

Jude as a four year old. What a cutie.   In the midst of a thoroughly crap evening with Jude, I thought I’d embrace the happier side of living with a Jude and highlight his favourite ten things. He’s a boy of unique taste so I doubt many can relate to the following in it’s […]

  Jude’s first full day back at home and it hasn’t been too bad. To begin with, I had to take Emmeline to the fracture clinic for another check of her arm (cast off next week!) so my mum kindly looked after Jude for me. There is no way Jude would embrace a long wait […]

It’s not easy entertaining an SEND child during the school holidays.   I always laugh (to myself) when I hear parents of neuro-typical children lamenting how arduous and exhausting the holidays are, wondering what to do to keep everyone entertained. I don’t do it but often feel like giving them an example of a typical […]

So in the midst of broken arms and traumatic days, there is a slightly more creative and pleasant phenomenon occurring within the family home. We’re redecorating! Ok, not the whole house…just the living room and the girls bedrooms. Elsa is demanding a double bed which just isn’t going to happen (do 9 year olds have […]

I went to visit Jude on my own yesterday after he had finished school. When I arrived, I found him in his room, sitting on his bed playing with lego on his window ledge.   And whilst I still feel completely positive about the decisions we made and the future for Jude on the whole, […]

When I started writing this blog, it was largely for two main reasons: Firstly, to document our experiences with the council and our fight to get Jude the support he needs. I recognise that we recently won this initial school placement battle but I’m also not blind to the fact that this will be an […]

This morning I felt so anxious. Anxious because I was excited, nervous and trying to remember everything I wanted to take with me for our journey up to Jude’s school. I had some more clothes for him, spare bedsheets plus a card and flowers to say thank you to all his wonderful team in House […]

Me & I – review post

I have been sent some beautiful clothes from Swedish company, Me & I. The company was started in 2004 by two friends who now see their clothing sell in five different countries. They use fantastically soft material in their entire range which is bought from responsibly manufactured producers in Portugal and Turkey. Their clothing appealed […]