I’ve had an incredibly heavy day thanks to a meeting at Jude’s school this morning with the SEN Officer and my Social Worker plus a few school members of staff. I was dreading it, I felt sick all night and this morning I couldn’t eat anything as I was so so so nervous.  I’ll tell […]

Pearls of Wisdom

    Sporadically, across my blogging life, I have offered up anecdotes of situations I have found myself in where complete strangers have given me advice or suggestions as to how I should parent my children, in particular Jude. Do you remember the elderly lady in Waitrose who strolled up to me when Jude (then 5) was mid-tantrum […]

So our afternoon was pretty good but when Jude came home he was rather quiet and a bit “weird” but I couldn’t quite put my finger on the problem. Anyway, he didn’t eat his dinner and just threw it around, stuck his fingers in it, almost like he was trying to provoke a reaction from me. He […]

I took some photos yesterday morning of the children because as a rarity, they were playing so beautifully. In particular what made me laugh was Emmeline stamping her sixteen month old authority by enforcing her elder siblings to engage in games SHE wanted to play. So for example, unlike Elsa, Emmeline is allowed into Jude’s room (he […]

I’m pretty proud today. Yesterday, I did something  I’ve been promising myself that I’ll do for ages…   I did something just for MYSELF. Myself! Ok, don’t get massively excited because it was wasn’t ground-breakingly inspiring. Around midday, when Emmeline was having a nap, I made myself some lunch and instead of rushing around doing chores, lamenting the […]

First Words

So you all know I love Jude, right? Well, I have a pretty bad confession to make…I can’t remember what his first words were. Obviously mumma and dadda ranked pretty highly but apart from that, I don’t remember what he first said to me. As a toddler, Jude was always more of a singer and could hum […]