Our Girls

So our afternoon was pretty good but when Jude came home he was rather quiet and a bit “weird” but I couldn’t quite put my finger on the problem. Anyway, he didn’t eat his dinner and just threw it around, stuck his fingers in it, almost like he was trying to provoke a reaction from me. He went up to his bedroom and I didn’t hear a word from him for about half an hour. Long story short…when it came to bedtime Jude freaked out, threw his pillow and duvet, refused to put any clothes on, screamed and spat at me and tried to kick me. What can I do?! He’s so big now, I can’t help him when he’s like this.

After an hour or so I went and sat with him and gave him a hug which he finally accepted and began to speak normally again and agreed to go to sleep. When he behaves like this it leaves me drained and incredibly sad so I need something to focus on to help bring me out of this mood. Rather than whinging on about tonight’s hell (any further!) I thought I’d show you pictures of the girls from yesterday. It was Elsa’s first day of the Christmas holidays and Emmeline was just so so excited to have her sister at home…they were just adorable all day.


Here are some of the pictures I took:


Snuggles on the couch in our jammies:

IMG_3494 IMG_3496 IMG_3497



Crazy carriage rides through the hallway:

IMG_3498 IMG_3501



Emmeline loves my sun hat so wears it at any available opportunity:




She then took some selfies:

IMG_3510 IMG_3507 IMG_3506



And hugged Bunny on her bed:




When the girls were eventually dressed, we went for a walk. Elsa wanted to push her buggy. We stopped under the bridge near our house so we could shout and listen to the echo – Emmeline found this really funny, look at that beam.

IMG_3518 IMG_3520 IMG_3521



Emmeline is obsessed with candles so Elsa entertained her by helping to blow the flame so she could see it move and waver. Literally hours of amusement…especially as Emmeline can’t blow properly so Elsa was laughing a lot.

IMG_3528 IMG_3524 IMG_3523



This is from today but I had to include it as it’s such a cute picture. They love each other so much <3




So there we have it. My two little rainbows who have the capacity to lighten even my darkest of moods.

A x

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