The Little One Tag – Emmeline’s Answers (aged 15 months)


I have been nominated by Baby Anon at The Secret Life of the Baby to answer questions on behalf of Emmeline so thank you for choosing me.


Being the baby of the family her opinions are often dismissed as irrelevant BUT for the next few minutes whilst you read her answers, she is all that matters…So, over to Emmeline…



Here I am on a big girls swing. No baby seats for me, PAH!

What’s the best thing about being a baby?
I love being a baby, particularly as I’m the youngest in this family which means everyone thinks I’m cute and “adorable,” whatever that means. My older brother and sister are assumed the perpetrators of most wrong-doings in this house but actually, now I’m fifteen months and can run really fast, often it’s me. Teehee obviously I keep quiet so normally Jude gets blamed for things. Only last week mummy couldn’t find her car keys and she kept saying “Jude, where have you put them?!” I just stood quietly (for once) but I knew the keys were under her desk because I put them there.  I also love that because I’m too young to go to school, I get to play with mummy all day. We spend a lot of time in the garden and going for walks to the swing park.
And the worst thing?
I hate, hate HATE it when mummy insists on changing my nappy. In fact, I hate nappies. Why can’t mummy just let me use the toilet like everyone else? I’m perfectly capable. It’s so annoying when I’m mid-activity and she makes me lie down for a change – she always insists on singing stupid songs in attempt to make the experience less tedious.
Another thing I don’t like is that she won’t let me do certain things on my own. The stairs, for example. I know I can walk down them on my own but she makes me hold her hand and if I refuse to then she picks me up and carries me.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty awesome being a baby but if mummy just let me do a few more things on my own then it would be perfecto. She doesn’t call me Little Miss Independent for nothing.
Favourite toy
My favourite cuddly toy is Bunny. I was given Bunny when was born by mummy’s cousin and her family and ever since then, he’s sat on my bed. In the month I have played with Bunny more and more, giving him lots of kisses and saying ahhhhh while I cuddle him in bed. He’s very soft and even though I can’t quite say his name, he knows I’m calling him when I shout “Bahbah”
My other favourite toy is my frog dominoes! Mummy and Daddy line them up for me and I’ll push them and watch them all fall down, it’s hilarious and I make sure we repeat this process at least three thousand times a day.
Favourite thing to do?
Lots of people look at bit terrified when I do it but my favourite thing to do is dive from one armchair to the other in the playroom. I think it’s great fun but it’s amazing how people literally leap with their arms towards me when I do it. I don’t know what’s wrong with them, I only land on my head and the chairs are pretty soft.
Another thing I love to do is empty every box in the playroom so all the Duplo, the frog dominoes, stacking blocks, etc and then run from  one end of the room to the other kicking everything in my way. It makes a fantastic pattern on the floor! Mummy and Daddy say I’m a very physical child (again…no idea what they mean) but I just know I love running around, kicking footballs and climbing anything I can.
Favourite outfit?
Well, I think I look pretty fantastic in everything I own but Mummy often dresses me in dungarees as I can run around easiest in them. They’re pretty comfortable and my sister Elsa has a pair so that must mean they’re cool.
Here is me in my dungarees with my hand down Mummy’s top as usual.
Favourite television programme?
I used to love Dinopaws when I was very little, in fact that theme turn was the first thing I ever danced to. Nowadays, I go a bit crazy when the Hey Duggee! opening song comes on…I love it.
Favourite Book?
It has to be this one as it contains ALL my favourite food. I love fruit. “Melon” was one of my first ones after mumma and dadda.
My favourite song?
Row, row, row your boat. All verses and sung by Elsa please 🙂
What makes you laugh?
I love laughing, I find most things funny but I particularly love a game of hide and seek with Elsa. She normally does the hiding as I’m not great at that and often just stand in the middle of the room unable to think of a decent place where she won’t find me.
I also love it when Daddy sits me on his shoulders and runs round the house, he’s pretty funny at times.
And finally, who do you love and why?
Well, apart from the obvious family members I have to give this accolade to Patty the cat. I love Patty and give her kisses when I see her having a crafty little snooze on the couch. She’s not keen on my stroking technique but has lots of patience and often comes and sleeps on my bed which I love. I get a bit excited at times and stroke her too “enthusiastically” according to Mummy plus Daddy is always telling me to be more gentle but what does he know…
Over to you Suzanne at And Another Ten Things xx





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