In the search of some toddler shoes for Emmeline, I stumbled upon an online shop that looks both fun and appealing in it’s colourful design, is easy to use and fully laden with high quality children’s shoes from various brands. Happy Little Soles is a family store run by a fantastic lady and barefoot enthusiast, Kate! I think finding the […]

Baby and Me Day

Bit of a weird weekend this one as Joe is away with friends, hanging out in tents in the rain (great choice of weekend, might I add) and Jude and Elsa are with their father. I literally can’t wait till they are home again but for now, Emmeline and I have made the most of […]

Little Jude

Two of my favourite pictures of Jude when he was younger…      Age 1 1/2 and dressed as a bat for Halloween and the second picture was when he had just turned 3.