You may have seen the picture I put on Instagram this weekend of our unexpectedly dramatic visit to a coffee shop. Highlight being when we took over some poor suckers table all because he dared to wave at Emmeline (who took it as an invite to come over…cue Jude follows inviting him to take […]

I have been a fan of Orchard Toys for a while so when they asked if we would like to review one of their products, I was thrilled to oblige.   Emmeline has started to enjoy jigsaw puzzles at nursery so conveniently (and by complete coincidence) they decided to send us a box of two piece […]

Family Letters

Maybe it’s my rapidly advancing years or perhaps because my children seem to be growing up so fast but I thought it would be really lovely to write each member of my family a letter and share one with you each week. Being typically British, I couldn’t read it to their faces without feeling like an […]

  I thought it would be interesting to highlight a few of the women in history that we rarely learn about as a child. When talking of famous inventors, scientists and pioneers it’s nearly always men we hear about at school – I find it sad that during my school years, I never heard one of […]

  I’ve been feeling it quite badly recently. Tiredness. Literally constant tiredness. I have about a million things on my mind, stress at every corner and that feeling of weight upon my entire being. Day to day I just about get through everything I need to do to keep the children happy and content, I […]