Jude’s sense of direction

I’ve always mentioned how I dislike the whole Rain Man, “what’s Jude’s amazing skill?” kind of attitude because frankly, it’s ridiculous.     He’s a human being and not a magician. BUT when it comes to Jude’s sense of direction, his skills certainly overshadow mine by a miles. And my mum’s. In fact, I blame […]

When did I know?

  I must get asked this question on an almost weekly basis. When did I realise there  was something slightly different with Jude? I know some people don’t like this sort of discussion and I totally agree that fundamentally, everyone is different. BUT it doesn’t take a genius to see that Jude is slightly more […]

Jude had a really lovely weekend at home but I’ve noticed (and I’m aware that I talk about this a lot) that his anxiety has got worst.   Now when he’s going through his standard regularly asked questions, he includes “but we’re not going out?” in amongst the “when am I seeing Granny?” “Is dinner […]


On first appearances, I think many people overlook Jude’s internal anxiety but it’s something I’ve been wary of and somewhat afraid of for the past couple of years. I’m also convinced it has got worse with age.   This evening I called Jude, as I do every day, to have a brief chat and to […]

  I’m always a little overwhelmed when someone emails me for advice, to say thank you or just to tell me about their experiences with the council or schooling in general. I never really know what to say. I feel so honoured that anyone feels the urge to take time out of their hectic lives […]

It’s been an interesting seven days to say the least… I’ve had interviews, worked too much, driven millions of miles here there are everywhere for the family and I’ve defended myself and the children. I think it’s safe so say another layer of skin has formed across my body.   BUT it’s been a positive […]

  Mine has been  mental.   I think that word sums up the majority of my weeks at the moment though. I’ve been working full time hours for the last month and a half and it’s certainly added a new dynamic to my life. I can’t really complain though, I enjoy what I do but […]

I have really fond memories of my childhood birthday parties. I’m a lucky girl because every year, my parents organised a really cool event to mark my new age, either hiring a hall and an entertainer with lots of music and balloons to bat around the place, magician’s at our house, arranging for myself and […]

So how many people does it take to maintain a Jude?    This evening I was thinking of all the people we have in Jude’s “team” right now and I took a moment of pride in realising that everyone involved in Jude’s life is totally awesome. I felt awful driving Jude back to school last […]

  I went along to a GP appointment with Jude yesterday late afternoon and felt completely undermined. It’s the GP surgery used by Jude’s school for all of their pupils so a first time for me attending their clinic. I feel ashamed to say that all my usual steely strength disappeared from the shock of […]