It’s not easy entertaining an SEND child during the school holidays.   I always laugh (to myself) when I hear parents of neuro-typical children lamenting how arduous and exhausting the holidays are, wondering what to do to keep everyone entertained. I don’t do it but often feel like giving them an example of a typical […]

I went to visit Jude on my own yesterday after he had finished school. When I arrived, I found him in his room, sitting on his bed playing with lego on his window ledge.   And whilst I still feel completely positive about the decisions we made and the future for Jude on the whole, […]

This morning I felt so anxious. Anxious because I was excited, nervous and trying to remember everything I wanted to take with me for our journey up to Jude’s school. I had some more clothes for him, spare bedsheets plus a card and flowers to say thank you to all his wonderful team in House […]

    Parenting is never easy but there are certain talents that parents of special needs children really need to hone to the level of a superhero. It’s not because they are a better mum or dad and it definitely isn’t for fun, it is borne entirely out of requirement for survival and experience!   […]

    So I’m having some pretty weird emotions right now. I’m not one to express myself very visually, some (Joe) even says I can be quite ice queen-esque, rarely showing my true feelings for fear of people thinking I’m capable of human sentiments.   It’s our first night with Jude at his residential school […]

As you know, Jude has a habit of lining up objects. Everyone kind of laughs and knows it’s an autistic trait but wouldn’t it be fascinating to understand why children (or adults) feel compelled to meticulously straighten a row of books or in Jude’s case, line up every chair in my parents garden!?   Jude’s […]

Jude has the most infectious laugh. I managed to almost get it on film not long ago (click here) and I’ll be sure to try an capture it many times before he goes to his new school. It’s this laughter that has often kept me sane. He can pull me out of any downturned mood […]