Jude has the most infectious laugh. I managed to almost get it on film not long ago (click here) and I’ll be sure to try an capture it many times before he goes to his new school. It’s this laughter that has often kept me sane. He can pull me out of any downturned mood […]

  So I’ve often reflected on how Jude and Emmeline together are an absolute nightmare so I thought I’d take a short video for you to see why.  I have a banging headache today and these two are largely the reason for it. I feel emotionally drained, physically wrecked and these two are driving me […]

  *This is a collaborative post*   Unfortunately, the vast majority of homes simply aren’t set up for people who have a physical disability. That means, if you have a family member living with you, or even one who visits regularly, you will probably have to do some work to ensure that your beautiful home […]

So today, for the second day running I am sat here, trying to get through to someone, ANYONE who can help me within the council. Like an army barricaded road, I’m having to nit pick my way through the various strains of departments, individuals, supervisors, call handlers just to find that magical person who knows […]

  As you all know, it took everything I had in me to work out how our council system works, how to ensure Jude had a rock solid team of support around him and finally how to get him the school that will make him the best Jude possible. It wasn’t easy and along the […]

PALMS Meeting

    At our last panel meeting a few weeks ago, the decision was made that an external agency (that has had nothing to do with Jude his entire life) needs to write a behaviour report on him. Yes, you read that correctly. Someone who has never met Jude, is to write a report on him. […]