I thought it would be funny to reflect on Jude as a little boy. I focus so heavily on situations we face in the present day and despite not believing we should look back for answers to current questions, it’s pretty cool to reflect on the little toddler who captured so many hearts.   […]

    This week I am feeling incredibly confident and proactive. I’m not the emotional wreck that seemed to take over my soul last week, no she is gone and in her place is someone determined to get what my family needs.   I have spoken to my SEN Officer’s manager who I really like. […]

  I’ve been feeling it quite badly recently. Tiredness. Literally constant tiredness. I have about a million things on my mind, stress at every corner and that feeling of weight upon my entire being. Day to day I just about get through everything I need to do to keep the children happy and content, I […]

      I’ve written in the past about Jude’s funny habits and traits that certainly keep him unique to humankind but more recently I have noticed a clear definition of triggers that set him off into a melt down. His melt downs have been terrible recently and sometimes even making an appearance in the […]