Tradition is a strange thing to me and I have never understood why people do things just because familial or cultural habit dictates. “Well, it’s traditional” is just not a viable argument in my book. I realise that some elements of tradition are wonderful and it’s fantastic to take those on board but only […]

      I’ve written in the past about Jude’s funny habits and traits that certainly keep him unique to humankind but more recently I have noticed a clear definition of triggers that set him off into a melt down. His melt downs have been terrible recently and sometimes even making an appearance in the […]

  This week, I wrote a guest post for a lovely friend of mine, Faye at Glossytots.   I haven’t mentioned our upcoming wedding that much as I’m wary of boring people to death (more than I already do perhaps?) but I couldn’t help myself with this one. I would absolutely love to hear your […]