So a friend of mine (thanks Leyla!) recently posted an image of some baking she had done at home and they looked soooo good that it inspired me to have a go. I say “baking” but thankfully for me (and my ability to burn myself by merely looking at an oven) these badboys […]

    So FINALLY, the day has come where Jude returns to school from the Easter holidays. It’s just for an hour and a half today as I think it will be a lot to take on…a new school full of bigger children, new teachers, new bus driver, literally everything is new. Jude has new […]

Behind the lens – guest post

I wrote a guest post for Maria at Suburban Mum recently as part of a series that focuses on one or two photos that mean a lot to you. I’m far from the best photographer but on occasion I capture a moment that is incredibly telling. I thought I’d share the post I wrote with […]

    Yesterday was a draining but insightful day. Firstly, I took Jude to hospital to undergo assessments with a paediatrician plus a couple of other SEN professionals to see whether or not he is on the Spectrum (ASD). I applied for this to be done back in  October 2015 and a year and a […]

    I thought it would be funny to reflect on Jude as a little boy. I focus so heavily on situations we face in the present day and despite not believing we should look back for answers to current questions, it’s pretty cool to reflect on the little toddler who captured so many hearts.   […]

    This week I am feeling incredibly confident and proactive. I’m not the emotional wreck that seemed to take over my soul last week, no she is gone and in her place is someone determined to get what my family needs.   I have spoken to my SEN Officer’s manager who I really like. […]