Simple Vegan Breakfast Ideas

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As you know, I will only bring you information that I believe in and that is important to me and my family. I have been sponsored to post this article about vegan breakfast ideas which I thought you might like to see as they are genuinely things I love to make (time permitting!) I find the content pretty inspiring actually and have just made a few little chia pots for the children’s breakfast. I know Emmeline will love it, Elsa probably won’t even try it as she’s recently become so fussy and Jude will eat it if I cover it in agave nectar as his sweet tooth is currently in overdrive. Enjoy…



Going vegan can be very challenging, and if you’re new to the vegan lifestyle it can be difficult at first to think of ideas for exciting, tasty recipes. Rather than just eating the same thing over and over, which can actually be harmful for your health, it’s important to explore the wealth of vegan recipes that are already out there. As you’ve probably noticed, veganism has a hugely dedicated following, and many people spend a lot of time developing easy vegan recipes that others can enjoy. As breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s the perfect place to start with some simple, yet truly delicious, vegan recipes. After all, there’s much more to life than porridge with soy milk. So try out the following ideas and get a tasty, healthy and animal friendly start to the day!


Vegan Pancakes


Of course, pancakes are not traditionally vegan, but it’s surprisingly easy to create quick, easy and delicious pancakes that are completely vegan and just as tasty! You can choose to go sweet or savoury with these pancakes and, just as with the non-vegan version, there are plenty of varieties to experiment with. If you have a sweet tooth and fancy a bit of a treat, or want to impress your family, try making some easy vegan Snickers pancakes. The recipe is simple, replacing milk with any type on non-dairy milk, and eggs with baking powder to get a little bit of a rise. Roasted peanuts add protein and a hint of saltiness, while vegan chocolate chips create a subtle sweetness. Top with a special vegan caramel sauce, or simply use maple syrup.


If you prefer savoury pancakes, you could try tomato and mushroom pancakes, which are a contemporary take on the traditional cooked breakfast. They too substitute milk for a non-dairy version, and use self-raising flour to achieve a subtle rise. Although the pancakes themselves are plain, the topping features fried cherry tomatoes, button mushrooms and pine nuts. A protein-rich, healthy way to kickstart your day.


Vegan Bakes


If you’re not really a morning person, or don’t have time to cook a proper meal before work, making some vegan bakes is the perfect way to grab something on the go. By making these at the weekend, you set yourself up for a no-fuss breakfast every day of the week. Popular choices include banana bread, which is naturally moist and includes grains that will give you plenty of energy for the day. Similar to baking a cake, this loaf contains fresh banana, flaxseed and coconut oil, as well as flour, nuts, oats and sugar. It takes just over an hour to make and is well worth it for an easy vegan breakfast.


Another popular vegan bake is the breakfast muffin, which is easy to make and a real treat to have first thing in the morning! Blueberry muffins are an excellent vegan choice, as they are naturally moist and include a lot of fruit. Simply replace eggs with mashed bananas and swap butter with your favourite oil, and you’re good to go. Easy even for beginner bakers, these muffins only take around half an hour to make and are the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee.

Posh Toast


Peanut butter on toast is all well and good, but if you’re looking for something a little bit more interesting, this is the thing for you. Ripe avocados are delicious on a fresh piece of sourdough toast; simply mash them up and spread, then top with fresh cherry tomatoes, black pepper and a squirt of lemon juice. There are plenty of avocado toast recipes to try, so you can have a different one every day!  If you fancy something a little bit different, you can also try roasted butternut squash, leftover from the previous night. This is perfect with pine nuts, cress and a drizzle of syrup.



Chia Seeds


A very popular food at present, chia seeds are packed full of protein and will set you up for a productive day. Chia seed pudding is an excellent vegan breakfast choice, and is super easy to make. Prepare it the night before by mixing the seeds with your favourite dairy-free milk and some syrup, then leave until the morning, when the chia seeds will have absorbed much of the moisture and become soft and chewy. Then top with fruit, nuts, granola or coconut flakes and enjoy! This vegan breakfast really couldn’t get any simpler, so put away your cereal and get yourself a truly nutritious, extra tasty start to the day.



I’d love to see some of your breakfast ideas – what do you like to make as a treat?

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