Jude and I at the garden centre yesterday, he’s like a different child when it’s just him and one other adult.   I don’t know if it’s an autism-y “thing” but I’ve noticed this week more than ever how Jude cannot cope with crowded places.  Today for example, my mum and I took the three […]

The following was written by a good friend of mine called Jenni who blogs at Chilling with Lucas She has experience of working with learning disabled children and adults so knows what she’s talking about in terms of this subject. Over to Jenni…   Supporting someone with autism can be incredibly challenging but finding routines that work […]

So we’re currently on holiday and I have to say, it’s been pretty fab so far.  The weather is incredible, I’m in a part of the world that can only be described as Alice-Heaven and everything at home is running smoothly.   It’s pretty strange not having Jude here. Really strange actually. But I’m so pleased […]

Love Millie

  I was contacted a few weeks ago by a lovely lady asking if I’d like some personalised t shirts for the children. Weirdly, I’d actually seen her website that same week and had spent ages testing out all the options for t shirt design using the online customising tools, so I was really excited […]

  I was asked if I’d like to read a new book and to give my views on it so I thought, why not! It gives me an excuse to read something potentially outside my usual choice which I always think is important for expanding your horizons.   I was sent a copy of A […]

  I’m sorry for the delay in updating you all following our third Professionals meeting on Friday.   By way of reminder…our case went back to panel last Monday and it was a multi-agency panel again meaning representatives from both social care and education were present. The reason for this was because of our desire for […]