So in chasing up Jude’s autism assessment yesterday…yes the one I requested in November 2015…I have been told that I won’t hear from anyone until the new year of 2017. Honestly, I’m not joking. I wish this had all been done sooner because now the deadlines for school application has long gone and we were […]

Weekend photos

Photos. I don’t take enough of them but want to start documenting our life in images rather than mostly in words. Todays post is a series of pictures that I took over the weekend because it was a pretty challenging weekend with Jude so I would rather reflect on the good and amusing parts rather than […]

Liebster Award Tag

Logging into Facebook this week, I saw that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award Tag by the lovely Nina from Ready for a Cuppa so thank you, it’s really lovely to get to know more of the blogging community and see how wonderfully friendly and family-like it is.     Liebster is German and means sweetest/kindest/valued/endearing […]

Children attending special needs schools often take council funded buses or taxis to school because they are generally not your local school distance away. Jude for example, currently attends a school which is about nine miles away. With this in mind and the fact that the taxi occupants aren’t your average, predictable bunch of children, […]

Food and nutrition is always a big interest for me and in particular, I have an unnaturally ardent obsession with what people put inside packed lunch boxes for their children. I have touched on nutrition recently, in particular the possible vitamin deficiencies in learning disabled and autistic children (which I will write more about that tomorrow) however, […]

Happy Little Soles

In the search of some toddler shoes for Emmeline, I stumbled upon an online shop that looks both fun and appealing in it’s colourful design, is easy to use and fully laden with high quality children’s shoes from various brands. Happy Little Soles is a family store run by a fantastic lady and barefoot enthusiast, Kate! I think finding the […]