Jude’s awesome Support Workers

Bad picture…it’s me taking a picture of a photocopied picture. Sorry. Not very professional so I’ll be sure you take a few real life ones next time I’m at school!


I’ve given them praise over the last year but for certain, Jude’s Support Workers within his school house most definitely deserve highlighting for some of the absolutely amazing things they do with Jude.

He’s a lucky boy, he really is.

I hate how you only ever hear about terrible care staff in the news.  I don’t deny there are some truly awful people out there but to shine a different light onto the industry, we have these wonderful people looking after Jude. They put up with me calling every single evening to ask how he is. That alone must be annoying when you’re trying to get on with your work, make dinner for the house, etc. But they tolerate me and my (still) huge anxiety about Jude being so far away from me. It’s been hard, really hard. Especially those times where he’s had a crap time at school and I can’t do anything to help the situation.

I had been feeling pretty rubbish all week but on Thursday morning, whilst I was sat watching Emmeline at gymnastics, the most wonderful email pinged up on my phone. I wanted to share it with you because it truly represents how keen Jude’s crew at school are to go above and beyond any level of care I ever expected we’d receive. They’re bloody awesome. They want to make the children’s after school time fun, stimulating and to encourage them in directions they may not naturally drift.

Of course, I’ve already asked permission of the email sender so here goes…

Hi Alice
I just wanted to let you know of Jude’s fantastic achievement yesterday. Around 8:15PM, Jude mentioned to staff that there was no more honey for tomorrow morning. I said to Jude that if he would like to go and buy some he could go out on the bus (thinking he would say no) but to my surprise he said “ok I’ll get my shoes!!”. Myself and another staff member quickly got going before he changed his mind. He was practically running to the bus in his dinosaur pjs, giggly and squealing with excitement. Of course a lot of praise was given throughout and he kept saying “I did it!!”
He also wanted me to message you to inform you of his achievement =)
We arrived at Tesco and Jude said that I should go in and he’ll wait on the bus with ****. We persuaded him to help me find the honey as I wasn’t sure where it was. He then had a piggy back to the front doors and went round Tesco on a honey hunt!!!! Jude also scanned and paid for the honey.
When back on the bus, we gave Jude the option to go back to the house or go for an adventure. To which he chose to carry on with our adventure!!! As a reward for his bravery we went into McDonalds for some fries and bbq sauce. He again wanted to eat on the bus but with persuasion we ate in McDonalds watching the doors for entertainment haha!
We all had a great time and had such a laugh! Of course the music was turned up and we all had a sing along!
I feel this is a big achievement for Jude as its such a rare occasion that he will accept trips on the bus. We have explained that we can all have so much fun going out and about to which Jude asked if we could do this again. We arrived back at house around 9:15PM passing the night staff on their way to their shift, Jude thought this was hilarious that he had a late night out!!! Haha!
I’ve requested that Jude gets given an award in assembly tomorrow.
Super brave young man!!!!



Jude was given his award in assembly today and had a huge smile on his face when he showed me at collection this afternoon. Bless his little heart.


What achievements does your school reward?

I think getting an award for going on a honey hunt is pretty hilarious but fantastic that it’s been recognised as a step forward for Jude. I’ve re-read this email loads of times now and it doesn’t fail to make me smile.

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