I’ve had an incredibly heavy day thanks to a meeting at Jude’s school this morning with the SEN Officer and my Social Worker plus a few school members of staff. I was dreading it, I felt sick all night and this morning I couldn’t eat anything as I was so so so nervous.  I’ll tell you about it later in the week but for now I need to detract from the brain-draining stuff and what better way than to focus on the youngest, loudest, craziest member of my clan. Miss Emmeline Hero.  Our little Chicky.



So far proving to be the joker/trouble maker of the family, her little personality is shining through more and more every day. She’s edging closer to her second birthday (two months to go!) and I can’t believe how much she has changed since last summer. I never thought I’d say this but we have managed to create a child with stubbornness, determination and the ability to know what she wants in even vaster quantities than Elsa. If you know Elsa then you’ll know what I’m saying.



But she’s adorable too, she wants a cuddle every five minutes and is at that cute age where she says bye bye with a wave to literally everyone and everything, including her breakfast plate (“bye-bye bowl”) when she’s finished eating or the garden when it’s time to come inside.



Here she is with a shopping basket – I am no longer allowed to take control of decision-making inside a supermarket and regularly have to unload all the additional items she has deemed necessary for our weekly supplies. God help anyone who tries to take this basket off her before we’ve made it to the checkout…


Her speech has come on such an incredible amount and she’s starting to regularly put two familiar words together but there are many words she can’t say properly so has made up her own little vocab instead; some of which I have no idea how we understood in the first place.


Here are some of Emmeline’s classic alternative pronunciations:

Elsa – Ayaya

Granny – Dyy-eeeeee

Emmeline – Aileee (but normally she just calls herself by her nickname, Chicky or Chichy as she pronounces it)

Raisin – Nanoooo (no idea how she got this one)

Melon – Menon (this was her first word after mumma and dadda)

Light – she used to call it an Adaha but can now say light!

Water – Menna

Barney (our hamster) – Barheeee

Anything pastry related i.e. croissants – Bagel. She’s bagel obsessed.

Chocolate (her favourite thing in the whole world) – Botbot.

Cup of tea – Uppatea


Emmeline feeding Barney


Emmeline has become fascinated with colours recently but calls everything yellow! We spent ages over the weekend showing her blue and red but her current clear favourite is “lellow” culminating in her insistence on wearing this one pair of bright yellow socks every day for the last few days. It’s pretty funny I suppose. And like Elsa, she’s starting to show an early preference for clothing and in particular is always asking for her pyjamas with the pictures of ice lollies all over them.


These pyjamas!


Emmeline still adores her dolls house and sets the family up around the dining table with plates and (of course) cups of tea. Tea! I’ve never known a toddler so obsessed with drinking tea! She loves rooibos, english breakfast and green tea so far and has at least two cups a day. Saying that, she has a few sips and then forgets about them but she loves pretending to be a grown up and insists me all sit around the table and drink tea together.


She also has a baby who she pushes around in a buggy all the time and who comes with us for walks down the hill in said buggy. She gives her a hug, puts her to bed, feeds her a bottle and gives her a bath all the time, it’s all very sweet.



I find it funny because Elsa was exactly like this at the same age but by the age of two and a half she hated anything doll-related and had become a fully fledged pirate. She still loves pirates now in fact! I wonder if Emmeline will follow suit…

Emmeline adores Elsa and tries to emulate her as often as possible, even asking for her during the day when she’s at school or she’s feeling upset. It’s so wonderful watching them grow closer as they get older, Elsa is an amazing big sister to her.


Two peas…


Like I’ve said many a time, I find watching her and Jude’s relationship really fascinating. She adores him (and calls him Joooo) but when he has a melt down she becomes afraid and runs for Elsa, knowing I’m going to have to deal with Jude. Elsa is amazing with her and will give her hugs and play games to distract her from the noise of Jude screaming. But then he’s fine again and she’s once again trying to provoke him into a game of jumping on the couch together or just sitting together watching tv. It’s really amazing to witness Emmeline fathoming the multifaceted nature of her brother.


What are your children’s favourite things at the moment?








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