Emmeline’s big girl bedroom

So in the midst of broken arms and traumatic days, there is a slightly more creative and pleasant phenomenon occurring within the family home. We’re redecorating!

Ok, not the whole house…just the living room and the girls bedrooms. Elsa is demanding a double bed which just isn’t going to happen (do 9 year olds have double beds?!) and Emmeline’s room is being given that slightly less babyish touch to it. I feel bad as we never really finished her room but now she’s growing up and spending a little more time playing in there, I thought it was time we made it the toddler-esque sanctuary she deserves.


The colour theme in her room is going to be grey, yellow (everything in Emmeline’s world has to be yellow) and orange. Sounds hideous I know but breaking it up with the white walls and wooden floor will hopefully make it less full on. I was inspired by these cushions from Habitat, currently on offer at just £12 each. What do you think?




Also from Habitat, I love these curtains which are reduced in price so only £48:



Being the true Montessori that I am, the pictures we hang on the wall will be put at Emmeline’s eye height as let’s face it…it’s meant to be HER bedroom.

So far, I love these prints:

Animal world map from Not on the high street  which is just £17


And to continue the colour scheme and add a daily dose of positivity, I really love this print from Not on the High Street priced at £17.99. She’ll love it, it’s lellow.


We bought a beautiful white metal framed single bed for Emmeline which is nice and low down but more grown up than she currently has in her knackered old toddler bed. I had an ulterior motive for moving her into a big bed as I had hoped it would encourage her to sleep in her room all night. It hasn’t work but hey ho, you have to try!


Anyway, I’ve been looking at the girls single beds section of the Room to Grow website and they have very kindly sent us some beautiful bedding for Emmeline’s new room. How snuggly does she look!?



This blue nordic single duvet set is absolutely adorable. Priced at £32 for the duvet and pillow cover. The fitted sheet is an additional £17.50 which we didn’t buy however, it does look beautiful alongside it.



The grey star Snuggle Sac (above) within which you can see Emmeline curled up comes in this fantastic zip up casing. It’s easy to get it back into the bag by the way, I know what a nightmare it can sometimes be but this fits really well.


The Snuggle Sac is so so soft. There are lots of patterns to choose from such as pirates, fairies, plain dark navy or even one that looks like a giant dalmatian! but I really liked the grey to go along with the rest of her bedroom. Emmeline fidgets a lot in bed so in the colder months, it might be a good way of keeping her warm at night. It’s big enough for much older children to use so we can also keep it for any sleepovers the girls may have with friends.


She loves it. And alongside our new colour theme, I think it looks fab. I’ll show you a finished picture once we have it all in place but for now, this is my ideas board!


Fingers crossed she starts sleeping a little better.



Room to Grow gifted us the bedding and Snuggle Sac in order to review it. All opinions are mine (and Emmeline’s!)

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