My new lipstick love

Now, I know I’m not much of a make up-y kind of gal but I’m attempting to make a bit more of an effort and have promised myself that I will buy the odd treat to help make me feel better about myself in terms of health and appearance.

I ordered a lipstick from Arbonne a few days ago, it was a bit of a spur of the moment purchase and I did have a pang of guilt for a little while afterwards but hey ho, I didn’t cancel the order so I can’t have felt that guilty!

The lipstick arrived today and I instantly opened the box and was immediately impressed with the quality of the lipstick and how solid and “high end” it felt to hold. Not normally something I notice but it was so apparent and felt very much like I’d just received a real treat of a product.


jam lipstick


My lips get awfully dry and normally I look ridiculous with lipstick on as it just accentuates the cracks, leading to the colour bleeding and eventually coming off in blotches however, this was entirely different. I actually felt like I was putting on a lip balm, it was so moisturising and smooth to apply. Then I read the ingredients – botanical extracts, natural butters and fruit oils – clearly why it felt so nourishing to my skin.

I thought it would be fun to show how long lasting this lipstick is. I took a picture every few hours as proof that firstly, my lips didn’t crack and lead to colour bleeding and secondly, that it lasted for aaaaggges! Normally, I use a Benefit lipstick when I go out but I find this doesn’t last very long. Oh my goodness, this was an entirely different story…

So here is my lipstick in pictures…


So, here we are just after I applied the lipstick (the colour is called Jam in case you’re interested to know). It’s 1pm. Please excuse the bad hair and pink cheeks…it’s about 31 degrees outside and I’ve just caked my hair in oil in preparation for washing it later. Good timing, eh?!




Three hours later and my lipstick hasn’t changed a huge amount, if anything it looks nicer. I’ve eaten several times (I pick at food a lot!), had a couple of cups of teas and been attacked by the baby non-stop but it hasn’t budged. In fact, on closer inspection, the colour looks to have set into my lips even stronger.



Another few hours later…children’s bedtime is looming woo hoo!

Colour has not faded a huge amount despite the fact I just ate some ice cream and had a water fight with Elsa in the garden.

I have also made sure I continued to bite my lips like I always do to ensure the colour test wasn’t flawed! How seriously have I taken this?!



Final picture…

The colour has faded a bit around the middle but my lips still have a beautiful shade to it. It’s 6 hours since I applied the lipstick and it has miraculously endured an afternoon with my family largely unscathed. My lips still feel really smooth and soft and the product hasn’t dried out my skin to the extent I’m biting my lips even more than usual (a typical habit when I wear lipstick…and is actually why I avoid it generally). I won’t lie, this lipstick has made me want to wear it more often, even during the day as it was so easy to use. I didn’t need to reapply it every hour and knew it was still looking fab without having to check in a mirror.



Can you sense my happiness that I’ve put the children to bed?!?! Well, two out of three which is good enough for now…


If you want to buy one of these lipsticks or any other make up or skin products then please go to and shop till you drop. A x









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