On Friday, I thought I’d give the summer camp one last try for Jude. I have never felt completely happy with it as I’m not entirely sure what Jude does all day and I’m also not entirely sure they understand their children enough. I know as a parent it is down to me to tell them […]

Our version of Thursday

You know when you can’t be bothered to do go out or really do anything at all and you have crazy delusions that it will all be ok, the children won’t be bored hanging out around the house; they can climb trees, tidy their rooms, read books and do jigsaws together? Well, I had one […]

I was sent some products to review from Child’s Farm so wanted to share my thoughts with you all; so far we have used the baby bedtime bubbles, sun cream and baby oil. These are all suitable for sensitive skin which was my main criteria because of Jude’s eczema. His skin has been pretty good […]

I’m not one to buy into advertising a product until I have directly used it and truly believe something has benefits to myself/my family/whoever it is aimed at. You won’t see any product reviews on my blog that have false claims or made up experiences. Same goes for adverts, I tell clients that I will only […]

100 Aker Woods

Yesterday, following a pang of motherly guilt that we hadn’t done anything particularly interesting together for a long time, we went to Aldenham Country Park; the children absolutely love the Winnie the Pooh 100 Aker Wood trail and I have to admit, I love it too. When you spend a prolonged period of time outside with […]

New website

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I’m not sure why it bothers or surprises me but up until Jude went out for dinner with his father this evening, he had eaten an entirely gluten free diet for a week. My intentions were to give him a totally gluten free diet for a month and then see if there is an improvement […]

New site!

This website is currently being altered and made more beautiful by a very talented young lady (will post her details soon) New web address www.livingwithajude.co.uk so please please go there and re-subscribe as I have been told it isn’t an automatic transferral. Thank you 🙂

Food and diet. It’s a very important topic of conversation for me and even more so because of Jude’s disabilities. Since he was tiny, I have gradually become more and more aware of the benefits of a plant-based, healthy diet particularly for growing minds and bodies and especially those minds and bodies who are struggling a […]