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I was sent some products to review from Child’s Farm so wanted to share my thoughts with you all; so far we have used the baby bedtime bubbles, sun cream and baby oil. These are all suitable for sensitive skin which was my main criteria because of Jude’s eczema. His skin has been pretty good of late so I’m trying my hardest to avoid aggravating the nasties within again.

Bedtime bubbles   Sun cream     Baby oil

I contacted Child’s Farm a while ago because I wanted to ensure their bubble bath would be suitable for Jude; he loves a bubble bath but this can be particularly bad for sensitive skin because despite many people thinking the bubbles are moisturising, more often than not they actually dehydrate the skin. They confirmed the mildness of this product so we were all good to go!

This I love:



I was also conscious of finding an affordable sun cream that would not initiate an eczema flair up as more often than not the sun and heat cause Jude to sweat and thus his eczema returns with a vengeance. Putting sun cream on already sore skin can just make it a million times worse so typically you end up avoiding sun cream and just covering up which is a shame with all this lovely weather we are having. Sadly, the majority of sun creams that do not irritate skin are massively expensive however, the Child’s Farm’s version is very affordable costing around £10 a bottle which is not excessive in any regard.

Similarly, the bedtime bubbles costs just £3.99 and the baby oil around £7.99 which is great because it lasts forever and has some fabulous ingredients such as organic coconut oil. For people who know me personally, they’ll understand how obsessed I am with coconut products!

Despite the bubble bath being aimed at babies, Jude loved it (as did Emmeline).


As you can see, it makes enough bubbles for children to find it fun but without the excessive (and I feel somewhat fake feeling) residue that many other brands leave on your hands and around the bath. It smells of subtle tangerine which is utterly divine and truly relaxing, there isn’t that artificial, overpowering smell that many bubble bath and skin product brands choose to exude. For me this is important as it tells you the product is not damaging the skin.

Whenever I use these products on Jude and Emmeline, they appeal to me in the same sense that a high end product would do, the only difference being that Child’s Farm comes with the respectable price tag. It’s a win win situation!


The baby oil was used on Emmeline; despite her being the biggest fidget ever, I attempted to give her a mini massage after a couple of her baths this week. It’s a gorgeous product and importantly for when you are attempting to put an over-tired baby to bed, it didn’t leave a sticky feel on my hands so I was able to get her dressed straight away rather than having to go and wash my hands first. A tiny amount went a really long way so this is fabulously good value for money and I would imagine, could last a very long time.


We have used the sun cream a few times this week and despite Elsa’s reluctance to let me put it on her (she thinks she’s too grown up for her mum’s help these days) she let me take a photo of her arms.




Now, her arms have a bit of a sheen to them but this is entirely my fault (maybe she has a point about not needing my help!) because I used far too much cream on them. BUT as a mother, I felt reassured by this slight sheen, that her skin was protected and unlike many other sun creams, it felt so moisturising and nourishing to touch. So often you rub in sun cream and it has that almost rubber like feel, suggesting it is just sitting on the surface. Not this suncream, it felt like a real moisturiser rather than just a sun ray barrier. I love it! Again, no nasty sticky hands so I was able to just rub the excess into my hands and it disappeared just like a hand cream.

Overall, I am loving our Child’s Farm products and will continue to buy them. We get ours from the local Co-Op so they are very easy to source, nearly every large pharmacy such as Boots and most supermarkets stock the range. If all else fails then Child’s Farm have a shop directly on their website –



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