School memories


In light of Elsa soon to be leaving her prep school for secondary, I thought it would be funny to share some school memories of my own. Granted I have the most shocking memory ever so some entries may be a little vague. I dread to think what I’ll be like when I’m even older than I am now…

BUT I do remember some things from school.

At my infants/junior school, I was a bit of a loser. Hard to imagine I’m sure. Scared of everyone and everything. The thought of reading out loud in class filled me with dread and do you remember those hideous class assemblies you had to take part in!? Arrgghhh

Pretty sure I spent the bulk of the late 80s/early 90s trying to blend into walls so no-one saw me.


Infants school

My first day of school, I remember waiting outside the classroom and gripping onto my mums legs. I could see through the window this kind of market stall vegetable stand covered in food. I assumed this was what we would eat for lunch (idiot) but soon realised it was all made of salt dough. I was genuinely gutted. It looked so yummy!

I couldn’t say my teachers name in the first year. She was called Miss Austen but I always said something ridiculous like Miss Stosstin. Thankfully she got married and changed her name so my problem was averted.

PE was in a (seemed at the time) big hall with a super shiny parquet floor. It was right next to the lunch room so permanently smelled of custard and stodge puddings. Pretty sure in infants we ran around in our vest and pants which is a slightly disturbing to imagine – certainly not something I’d agree to with Emmeline. But knowing her propensity for stripping off, I think she would love it.


I remember in infants school the cauliflowers fluffy song (you so know it too, don’t you?!) and someone throwing up all over my best friend when we were practising for one of those terrible harvest festival singing things in the hall. I had a tiny dot of puke on my shoe but claimed I had to go to the toilets with her to clean up. We chatted in there for quite a while I’m sure.

Lunchtimes were spent talking to dinner ladies and wandering aimlessly around the playground because (see above) I was a little on the tragic side. I specifically remember one dinner lady (are they even called that now?!) smelling of Fairy Liquid. I liked her for some reason.


Junior school…oh dear, the shyness got even worse.

Wooden desks that I always wanted to crawl inside during lessons. Somehow I was in the top set for maths. Our group was called the Hexagons…complex shape, bit weird really, etc….I genuinely worry about the level of academics if I was considered in any way GOOD at maths.

Year 4 – One day we were all sitting on the carpet or at our desk working on a sewing project. My best friend managed to sew herself to her artwork so we spent the rest of the lesson trying to cut it off her. It was hilarious!

In year 5, I had the scariest teacher in the whole school. She used to sit and drink Citrus Spring out of a mug and I don’t remember her ever leaving her creaky wooden chair once during a lesson. She didn’t really need to, her yelling voice was enough to scare even the furthest seated child. I did NOT like her.

In year 6 I got a Valentine’s card. I found it inside my desk but was so embarrassed I threw it away. Still feel guilty about doing that…sorry dude!

I adored my year 6 teacher. Mrs Day, who’s love of football inspired many of her lessons. I was playing a lot of tennis at this point in my life and she was always telling me to “blow my own trumpet”. But being a bit of a thick 10 year old, I had no idea what this meant. She was so lovely.


I could go on but don’t want to bore you all!

What memories do you have from school?



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