It’s nearly half term woo hoo!

Ok, slightly sarcastic title, sorry.

How are we all doing? Loving the groundhog day-ness of life?


If I’m honest, it’s starting to break me a little. The monotony, the pressure to always be alert, available and “on it” for the children. Work. Eurgh. Trying to absorb the fog of anxiety that brews between the three children.

Elsa kindly stopping Jude’s ice cream from dripping. Look at his concern!

Emmeline is desperately missing her friends, her grandparents and school. She has cried a few times for each of them and I feel so bad that even when she goes back, it won’t present as she needs it to be. I’m hoping it will at least fulfil her enough. She’s happy enough at home but I know she craves a more people-filled world.


Elsa – minefield of emotions. Missing the last term of her primary years, the anticipation of starting secondary school plus the loss of her newly blossoming social life. She flits between so many feelings and it’s exhausting trying to protect her from the worst of those.


Jude is coping the best. In fact, he’s having a pretty fab time at the moment. Lazing around, snacks on tap, the garden, tv, a few games and he’s laughing. It’s a huge relief because it was Jude I was most worried about. More fool me! He’s never been so chilled in his whole life.



New found acceptance

BUT one positive that seems to be emerging with Mr Jude is his new found acceptance (calling it a love is probably a bit strong at the moment…) of walking. Walking! Who knew the boy would agree to taking a walk every day! Granted I have to sometimes bribe him out the door but once he gets going, he really enjoys himself.

The biggest attraction to him is still looking out for Ocado delivery lorries. Over the weeks he’s stretched his fascination to cover all supermarket delivery lorries and we have been particularly impressed with some of Tesco’s latest decorative offerings. Waitrose lorries are rubbish – they’re just plain with their name written on the side. Pfff. We don’t even include those in our search.

Jude gets SO excited when we see one on our journey.

“Look mummy, a raspberry lorry!” he’ll screech with laughter.

But hey, if it gets him out the door and killing a few hours then I’m all for it. We’ve even stooped to the tragic levels of going out for a drive looking for food lorries. Emmeline has a tally chart in a note book and she ticks them off as we go…

Ahhh come back life, all is forgiven.


Hope you’re all well x



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