What can I say?

…other than, sorry guys.

I’ve been absent for months and I’m truly very sorry. Crap blogger I most definitely am.

But my goodness, what a crazy place we find ourselves in right now?!

Thankfully, we are all well and fine and lucky enough to have outside space to enjoy the sunshine. I know that isn’t the case for everyone. I honestly don’t know how you’re all coping but if ever you need someone to vent to then you know where I am.




So I chose to bring Jude home from school during this time. It felt the safest option and seeing how hard everyone works at his school, I thought one less child for them to worry about could only be a good thing.

He’s been pretty cool so far. In fact, very cool. Unless of course I suggest we do something he doesn’t want to do and then we get moany whine-bags Jude back in the room. He’s easily bought round these days and will laugh if you make fun of his complaints. It’s so beautiful to see him happy. As usual, I thank his school and school support staff for bringing this Jude back to us. He was in a dark place when he joined them and I couldn’t do everything he needed on my own. I’m forever in their debt for making his life what it is today.



Joke du jour

So being Jude, we of course have to have a ‘joke du jour’ or rather a joke of the month (or even longer). And during this ‘time of the Corona’ it’s no different.

Jude’s favourite thing to do right now is to call me by someone else’s name. Normally the name of one of the other two young people in his school house. So for example, he’ll say “Can I have a sandwich please *James (name changed!)

Then waits…and I have to reply with “sorry, what was that *any other name of someone at his school.”

And on goes the conversation, each of us changing the name each time.

He literally cries with laughter. I think it’s the anticipation of who I will say next. Such a nutter.

It’s a great memory test, I can tell you! I think the most we’ve got through is about 20 names so far. I’m sure by the end of all this, we’ll have covered the whole staff and student register…


Anyway, everything is going pretty well. I just wanted to say hello and apologise for my terrible writing habits.

I think we’re in a bit of a routine now so PROMISE to up my game.


Tell me what you’ve been up to. I’d love to hear your news.


A x

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