Birthday bucket list

It’s my birthday in February. Unfortunately it’s a “big” (very big) number so to commemorate this special day (literally can’t bring myself to say celebrate), I had intentions of completing ten awesome things throughout the year from my bucket list. I was being practical and thought that forty (there you go, I said it) activities was a little ambitious in terms of time, financials and acceptance from the children.

Well anyway, 2020 ballsed everything right up so I guess I will be doing my ten things post-bday. Thought I’d share my list to see what you guys think and if any tweaks/additions are needed. Feel free to throw your comments my way.

Here we go…

  1. Visit at least two new European cities

Now we are no longer in the EU, I intend to use up my 90 day visitation allowance to the max. Elsa and I were meant to visit Madrid or Barcelona in the summer so one of them will be a definite. The other city, I’m not yet sure. Perhaps Lyon, Ghent or Porto.

2. Write my thank you’s

To everyone who has been instrumental in my actually getting to this age as it’s been a team effort for sure. It’ll be so nice to actually write some proper letters.

3. Go to a music concert

I was meant to be seeing my favourite singer this year but sadly it’s been cancelled once and now postponed til May 2021. Fingers crossed!

4. Find my “signature dish”

All grown ups have one, don’t they? My skills in the kitchen have so far been rather limited so it’s about time I discovered my own speciality.

5. Go on a road trip

Literally don’t even know where so suggestions gratefully received.

6. Re-learn how to walk in heels and buy a pair from one of my favourite designers

For what it’s worth, 2020 has been a year of kindness to my feet as I’ve virtually lived in trainers, socks or no footwear at all. Aquazzura here I come…

7. Following on from point 6…visits to oh so many cocktail bars

Something I’ve missed this year are all the beautifully pretentious cocktail bars I previously loved to visit. Oof, that’s something to look forward to.

8. Learn to accept compliments

If someone says something nice, surely by the age of forty I can learn to just reply THANK YOU.

9. Go for afternoon tea somewhere quirky

So many places in London that I’ve wanted to visit so this is the year to finally do it! One of the first I’d like to try is Betty Blythe for it’s 1920s vintage style and gorgeously quaint Art Deco setting.

10. Sleep in a treehouse

How awesome do some of these look! The thought of camping is my worst nightmare but stick me up in a tree and I’d be so happy.

What do you think? Do-able? Fingers crossed at least some will be achieved. I’d love to hear what intentions you have for the coming year. 2021, we are waiting for you!

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