Coping with a huge change

Jude’s first day in House 2

I’m really nervous. I feel a little bit like I’m betraying Jude this half term as we’re keeping a secret from him that I know is going to cause confusion. 

Jude returns to school on Sunday but he won’t be going to his usual house.

A few weeks ago, the school suggested a change of provision for him. And I have to say I agreed without a second thought. Not because there’s anything wrong with the home he’s been staying in. Far from it, I can’t praise everyone enough for everything they’ve done for him over the last two years. I know he isn’t the easiest of children (understatement of the century) but he’s been made welcome, he’s been cared for and looked after in the best possible way. The staff have made it his second home. He looks forward to seeing them. To hanging out in his room. Updating the rota boards, planning the dinners for the week and ‘helping’ to cook meals for everyone. His big beaming smile when we play our usual game in the car as we drive back to house at the end of a weekend. Guessing who will be in the house is something he loves to do.


I’m going to miss them all so much too. Yes, I will see the team every so often in passing when I’m at the school but it won’t be the same. I’m sure they won’t miss my persistent nightly calls but I’ll miss the chats about what the wee man has been up to that day.



Breaking the news

We planned on telling Jude about the move the day before he returns. I think it’ll minimise stress and confusion for him. I’m sure he won’t have a clue what’s going on for a little while but I’m confident the short term pain will lead to a long term gain for everyone involved. But I’m anxious about his reaction. Will he feel we’ve broken his trust? Will he completely freak out? Or will he just swan in like nothing’s happened? You can never really tell with Jude how he’ll react but I’m confident we’re preparing him in the best way possible.


End of an era

I think I feel quite sentimental about the move as this was his first experience of residential school and they made it so awesome for him. It was the first time Jude was away from me for such a long time yet the staff made it easy for me to deal with. The reassurance, the acceptance they showed towards Jude from day one was just remarkable.

It’s the end of an era for Jude – he’s no longer a House 2 resident…House 6, I hope you’re ready for him! Bonne chance mes amis x

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