Ironies of life



Not wanting to sound too Alanis Morissette-esque but I was thinking about some of life’s great ironic situations and was hoping you’d be able to add to my initial, Jude specific suggestion.


So you know I’m currently pursuing a weekly residential school place for Jude because a) the consistency would be best for him, b) it would be best for the family and c) we are at such a desperate stage in life that we need immediate levels of support.

Well, isn’t it ironic that  we will have to wait months and months for anything to be achieved? We need help NOW but what has to happen is this…there are various meetings which take a few weeks to action because of how busy everyone is, random visits to Jude at school/home, a billion reports have to be written, these reports have to be collated and sent to the Panel of mystery people who then make a decision, which then gets sent back to the “professionals” who then have to act on the decision, which you may or may not agree with. If you don’t, then you have to appeal and the whole process gets repeated. This is for a service that you really only try to access when at your lowest levels of competencies. You don’t predict the future and start the process “just in case;” being supported by the council certainly isn’t something people want to have to look into because it’s not fun or amusing (or simple) in any way whatsoever.


And isn’t it ironic that the council won’t truly help you until you are teetering on the brink of insanity because anything saner than that is considered as coping just fine. I know it’s all to do with money but they are playing with people’s lives here, scrutinising every minuscule element of your existence to see if they can find a shred of evidence that could potentially negate the legitimacy of your climacteric request.


Ahhh ironies.


So come on…share the ironies of life that you’ve encountered recently <3


A x

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