Writing to Santa

Weirdly, for the first year in a long time I have a good idea of some of the presents I want to buy…sorry, we’re going to ask Santa for…for Christmas.

I mentioned a while ago how Jude has become rather “chewy” and that I keep finding soggy, discarded socks everywhere. SO, we’re hoping Santa will bring Jude this Chewbuddy so he always has something with him that he can gnaw on:



To continue Jude’s love of lights in his room, a Starry Sky Projector (£12.99 on Amazon) Sadly, the bubble tube has broken that we bought through the Family Fund grant of money so we need to up the sensory light activities again.



Jude has destroyed most of his book collection (ripped the up to play his little paper flicking game!) so I want to buy a few of his favourites again. Mog I loved Mog as a child and I’m pleased to say my children all love these stories too.



Jude loves listening to music in his room, he has a radio and his way of chilling out is either sitting in his hammock chair or lying in bed and listening to one of his favourite stations. Bit of a risky present but if it’s a winner then he’ll be the happiest boy ever. Some Wireless Headphones! He can wander around the house in Jude-World Heaven oblivious to everyone around him…





What are you all asking for this year? Is there something special you’re hoping for? Elsa has asked for really simple things such as HB pencils (specific!) and a new pencil case. Okaaaay. It could be a lot worse so I won’t complain…


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