Check out this gorgeous new eco-friendly range

I love trying out new products and am always on the lookout for eco-friendly ways of living. We’re vegan and avoid plastic but I’m still conscious of the other everyday household items that are hard to live without but may not be so biodegradable.

A parcel arrived!

Now, I know this might sound a little dorky but I was so so excited when a large cardboard parcel arrived from Jungle Culture. They are a new company that makes zero waste swaps & plastic-free alternatives; everything is ethically produced & sustainable, so every box is ticked in my pursuit of eco happiness. The lovely people at Jungle Culture were kind enough to send us some of the beautifully handcrafted bowls, spoons, and straws. And to add an extra level of fab, the straws are individually personalised for each of my three children.

What is so great is the detail and the beautiful, unique patterns on the bowls. They are made from coconut shells that are sourced and produced naturally in Ben Tre, a region located in Southern Vietnam. Typically, local farmers see the shells as a by-product of coconut milk/meat so they are burnt as waste. But by using the shells to create natural bowls Jungle Culture has found a wonderful way to stop this unnecessary burning, employ local farmers, and obviously create a fantastically strong and natural product.

Ethical production stories

The stories behind how the cutlery and straws are made are equally inspiring. And it is this sort of thing that encourages me to buy from a company – how amazing to know your straw has been individually handmade?! The products are well thought out, farmers are considered a valuable client, and the level of waste is managed to a considerable minimum. And because of Jungle Culture’s brilliance in what they do, they have partnered with the likes of National Geographic, BBC Earth and TOMS and continue to expand through many like-minded wholesalers and individual customers. I’d love to work in this arena one day and it’s so inspiring to hear stories of people who have just gone for it. It makes a difference to so many lives as well as, of course, the planet itself.

Straw arguments

Emmeline LOVES her straws. The naming is a bit of a blessing because everyone seems to have a favourite bamboo straw but no-one ever seems to remember which one it is. Typical, right? Now we have no need to squabble because they’re named. Hooray!

Healthy ambitions…

And am I a bit strange in this final admission? Eating from a gorgeous, natural, and healthy feeling bowl like this, generally makes me want to eat better. I feel virtuous with my fruit, yoghurt, and porridge delicate placed in my coconut bowl and served with a wooden spoon. Perhaps I’ve been on Instagram too often – but it’s definitely inspiring to make something gorgeous when you have such a great bowl to put it in.

I will try harder but the colours look great 🙂

Ethical household items

Anyway, needless to say we absolutely love this range of products. Along with the bits and pieces we have, you can also buy reusable cutlery for when you’re on the go, wooden cups, washing brushes, candles and bags. This is alongside bathroom items such as soaps, toothbrushes and safety razors. All wonderfully produced, packaged and ethical in their delivery.

At the moment there is a discount on the straws so make sure you get them before this runs out.

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