Life update

Greetings all!  I appreciate that I have slowly (suddenly) morphed into the worlds crappest blogger so instead of writing anything meaningful today, I thought I’d offer you a short life update by way of explanation for my suggested crap-ness.


Soooo where to begin…

Let’s start with the youngest. Emmeline! I feel bad for my littlest gang member (appropriate name for this one) because thanks to my work, I’m not able to be there for her as often as I’d like and inevitably, she’s so often shipped from one person to the next. Thankfully, she’s a resilient kiddo and doesn’t seem particularly phased. She goes to a lovely childminder before nursery three mornings a week and has been given the title of Head Guinea Pig Feeder. Yep, each morning she gives the guinea pigs their morning veg – and she’s loving the process of working out what they do and don’t like. Whatever makes the handover process easier is always going to be a winner for me.


Emmeline, sitting on climbing netting in the park

Emmeline starts school in September. Hardly seems possible considering she’s still only three years old. But if you’ve ever met our wee Emmeline, you’ll understand why we aren’t particularly concerned about her impending education. I’m pretty sure the rules and discipline will do her a favour. Unfortunately, we only got our third choice school (you’d think our county council would do better than to make me come after them again) BUT we’ll go with it for now and see how she does. We’re on a continued interest list for our first choice and you never know…


Middle child

Elsa! Ahhh Elsa. Where to even begin – she passed her grade 4 flute exam and has her first bassoon exam in a few weeks time. She was also part of a maths team who came third out of 141 schools across the county! Honestly, the questions in the final absolutely blew my little pea brain and after TWO HOURS of various mathematically inspired rounds, the team gained their third place. So, so proud of them all. What an achievement.

Elsa, smiling at the camera and showing off her new hoop earrings


Elsa continues to amaze me as well as slightly baffle me with her ten year old mood swings. There seems to be no going back on her road to teen-ness. Eeeeeeek! One moment we have tears, doors slamming and a refusal to speak pleasantly to ANYONE and the next minute, she’s insisting on playing with Emmeline, telling me she loves me and chatting happily. I literally can’t keep up.

Any advice for coping with pre-teen girls gratefully received 🙂



Eldest child

The boy! My goodness, what a hilarious child Jude can be. After an absolutely awful week last week and a slightly dodgy start to this one, we seem to be back on track as Mr Cool himself. His school staff really showed their amazing talent this week by helping him through his difficulties. I still can’t believe how mindful they are of the children’s feelings. How they centre everything they do around the child, and never once blame them for anything. Or even comment negatively on behaviour. Such a gem of a place.

Jude, smiling at the camera wearing his favourite blue monkey t shirt.

Today, Jude came out with a cracker of a comment. I’ll set the scene:

Jude is sitting on a stool in the kitchen, asking what he can have as a snack (standard scenario then). I realise just how flippin tall he’s got recently and jokingly say “Oh Jude, you’re so big these days, I can sit on your lap!” *Big fat mumma sits on Jude’s lap*

Elsa laughs that I’m breaking him so I ask Jude if I’m heavy. He says “no, you’re not heavy. You’re lumpy.”

“Lumpy!” I laughed.

Jude looks nervously at me and says…”is that the right answer?”

Ahahahaha errr no, Jude. Don’t ever call anyone lumpy.

Anyway, Jude is awesome and I’m hopeful for a fantastic half term holiday.


We’re off to the seaside for the day tomorrow so fingers crossed that a) Jude gets in the car, b) he gets out the car the other end c) we have a decent time.


What are your plans for the half term?

A x



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