Emmeline’s new baby – Baby Born Interactive Doll review

I was honoured enough to attend a fantastic blog event at the weekend called BlogOn.

I love it. It was amazing. I was also honoured to be given the chance to review a new baby for our baby mad daughter, Emmeline!


So what were we given? It’s a weird one for me because Elsa was never really into babies or dolls but Emmeline loves them. Everyone’s heard of Baby Born but did you know there are interactive versions?

Here is the new addition to our family…


And what have we called him??…have a watch and find out! Also, see what anatomical accuracy Emmeline notices. She’s always ready to ruin a good video.



Our Baby Born comes with a special birth certificate, a dummy and dummy clip, bottle, potty, nappy, a sachet of baby food (I kid you not) with a bowl and spoon. He is also wearing a cute little bracelet with a matching one for his lucky new mumma. Thankfully, no batteries are required!



It’s safe to say Emmeline adores him.


So what does he do?

He cries. Emmeline thinks it’s hilarious but yes he cries. I do warn you though, when he sheds a tear it’s more like a mini river flooding down his cheeks. To make him cry, you squeeze his arm (which ironically would also make a real baby cry…is this a good thing to teach children? Hmmm)

Baby Born also wees and poos. If you feed him the sachet of food (simply mix it with water as specified on the packet) and feed him with the spoon then he poops it back out again! Emmeline is happy to pretend to feed him at the moment so I haven’t tested out this function yet. I’m not sure I’m quite ready for a pooping doll…

Once fed with water through his bottle, if you press his belly button then Baby Born has a wee. Hence why you are given an actual functioning nappy for him. Emmeline loves to feed him the water and check his nappy. You only have one nappy though so if your child is as enthusiastic about hydrating their baby as Emmeline is, I advice to purchase a few more nappies. Or have towels on hand.


Baby Born is aimed at children 3+ but I think it would be fine for a child slightly younger if they love role play with dolls.


Baby Born has a RRP of £49.99 and can be bought from various stores such as Smyth’s and Argos.


*We were gifted an Interactive Baby Born in exchange for this review. All words, thoughts and baby crazy children are my own.

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