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With Jude’s recent developmental leaps, I keep thinking about ways in which I can further enhance his life. What does he not do that I think he’d enjoy? And one word keeps creeping into my mind ahead of all else.


Jude hasn’t been on a plane since he was 7. Granted it was a rather ambitious trip, however I thought that with three adults and just two children (one being a very mature four year old Elsa) it wouldn’t be too bad. We flew to Chicago so not the shortest of flights. I’ve talked about it many a time but the lady that virtually took Jude under her wing for over half the flight was an absolute angel. I would so love to be able to say hello to her now. A trained but not currently employed Occupational Therapist, she had the best bag of tricks and endless enthusiasm and patience when she invited Jude to pick something to play with.

But the flight is only the first part of a holiday. Jude didn’t cope at all with the unfamiliar. Would he be the same now? I really don’t think so, which is why I keep thinking about testing the water.

It led me to look into simple holidays that we could try out. More local, mostly British resorts and locations that would suit Jude’s needs. And if abroad, perhaps with a company that knows what they’re doing.

Here are a few that I found. I hope they’re inspiring to some of you in the same situation.


The Thomas Centre – Lincolnshire

The Thomas Centre

If you don’t feel like a mainstream holiday is best for your family then perhaps consider somewhere like this. A purpose built holiday venue that holds the aim of encouraging a relaxing experience for the whole family. We’ve all been on those trips where you’ve come home more exhausted than you left. Well, this is where The Thomas Centre is a specialist. It hosts many popular attractions on site such as a swimming pool, gym, play park, sensory room, a go kart track and spa therapy treatments. It’s also really close to the beach.

Their introductory description manages to alleviate many fears in just a few sentences. “An outstanding holiday park for those who are affected by autism, epilepsy and other special needs. Providing holidays for families and groups like yours, on a dedicated 25 acre site in a safe and non judgmental environment.”


Go Provence

Group of people on a raft boat

Tempted with the adventure? Go Provence offer fantastic holidays for individuals needing support (as well as those who don’t). And to make it even better, they have support teams waiting for you right from the minute you reach the airport.

They recognise that carers need down time so make sure you also have a relaxing break by offering flexible support levels once your holiday begins. No judgement, it’s just all about your needs and wants.

Activities range from adventure to wildlife, world cuisine to relaxing, skiing to exploring Iceland.

Always wanting to better their service they now offer a new successful Travel Buddy scheme. This “lets the guest take control of their destination”.

It’s certainly worth a consideration.


Fancy a break on a working farm?

Cwmiar Farm Holiday Cottages – Wales

Farm cottages

A fantastic opportunity to embrace a different lifestyle and keep active. A beautiful self catering setting that allows you to take in some much needed fresh air. Horse riding, fishing, rambling, cycling, local beaches. You will be spoilt for choice in what to do each day. Plus, it caters for special needs so again, accepts that carers need a break too. For me this is vital. There’s nothing worse than worrying you may be judged by people on holiday. There’s no fear of that here.

“Children can farm with us for real and play all day, while parents relax and enjoy their own holiday.”


Limitless Travel

Limitless travel logo

Limitless Travel takes note of every individual need of their client and help to create a personal holiday experience. They know their stuff and have every angle covered…transport is in specialist vehicles, excursions are scrutinised for slip ups. It’s fab.

Not strictly a holiday venue but a company who will help you find the perfect trip for your family. Totally worth a chat on the phone to see if they can find your perfect family holiday.


If you do want to fly somewhere, there are special provisions at many of the main UK airports.



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