I thought it would be interesting to highlight a few of the women in history that we rarely learn about as a child. When talking of famous inventors, scientists and pioneers it’s nearly always men we hear about at school – I find it sad that during my school years, I never heard one of […]

    I wrote a guest post for my lovely blogger friend Jenni from Chilling with Lucas. Inspired by an overheard conversation (I’m such an earwigger, aren’t I?!) where a mother told her young son that if he put his coat on, she would buy him the lollypop he’d been asking for. Why not just teach […]


    I’m not sure why I’m exposing myself again so broadly following my personal weekly chip (and salad) admission. But here goes…Clumsiness.   I’m clumsy. As in, stupid clumsy. I’ll give you some examples:   Once, I was standing by the driver side of my car chatting over the roof to a friend who was getting […]

Pearls of Wisdom

    Sporadically, across my blogging life, I have offered up anecdotes of situations I have found myself in where complete strangers have given me advice or suggestions as to how I should parent my children, in particular Jude. Do you remember the elderly lady in Waitrose who strolled up to me when Jude (then 5) was mid-tantrum […]

    I’m not sure if I’ve become more sensitive in my old age but I’ve definitely become more in tune to things we say to children through observing the way people treat their little ones when I’m out and about. I don’t always mean negatively, sometimes I see a parent fully engrossed in what their young […]

Yesterday, Jude went back to school after what felt like the world’s longest ever school holiday. Honestly, I can barely remember last term, it feels like a lifetime ago plus I think my brain has burnt out a lot of distressing memories to preserve any sanity that is still intact.   BUT, he didn’t go without a bang. […]