*This article is a collaborative post When the word poverty is mentioned, the immediate thought heads straight to poorer countries like Africa who can’t afford clean water, education and food. While these facts are sadly true and devastating, did you know that in the UK, as many as three children in a class of thirty […]

So Elsa and I went to see Jude yesterday and to take him out for lunch. It went amazingly well, no issues with him leaving the house, no real anxiety and a fun time had by all. A few hours later, I returned a very happy boy back to his beloved house with his lovely […]

As I child I was disgracefully messy. I didn’t notice it at the time and had no understanding of why people tidied up all the time. The way I saw it was, if it’s in the middle of the floor exactly where I dumped it then I can’t lose it, right?   Now, as an […]

  Below is an article which covers a topic I’m trying hard to build into our lives. We recently went through all of our household bills and managed to cut down our monthly outgoings by a couple of hundred pounds. Things are always  tight so it’s great to keep track of what goes in and […]

Following last week’s rather irate insistence that the council finally send on the necessary documents (a month later than they could have) to Jude’s new school, I thought I’d document Jude’s final couple of weeks at home. There are so many funny (and sometimes irritating, annoying and repetitive) traits that the boy presents that I […]


  Confidence Do you have any? I don’t. I wish I did but it’s something I certainly have never been gifted with. I think I’m a lot better than I used to be as a child but when it comes to self-belief, I’m not your woman!   As a child I hated school. I didn’t […]

I’ve been tagged by my friend Patricia from White Camellia’s (check out her beautiful photography!) to list and explain five of my favourite things from any aspect of life. It was really hard to narrow it down but here are the first five I came up with (I then thought of another few but am […]

So we’re currently on holiday and I have to say, it’s been pretty fab so far.  The weather is incredible, I’m in a part of the world that can only be described as Alice-Heaven and everything at home is running smoothly.   It’s pretty strange not having Jude here. Really strange actually. But I’m so pleased […]