Oat and raisin cookies (vegan friendly)

  When Emmeline mentions baking, my immediate reaction is GOD, NO, THE MESS! But yesterday, I kind of just went along with it. I found a recipe and modified it a little because as usual, we didn’t have all the exact ingredients BUT my goodness, they are delish.   So next time your toddler considers it a baking kind of day, I can highly recommend these as: a) they don’t take long b) the mess is minimal and c) there’s no precision in cooking forming so you don’t have that moment of stress, pouring cake mixture into the cases and

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How to lessen your plastic waste

Oh help! Oh no! It’ a gruffaloooooo (wrapped in plastic :-/)   Plastic is everywhere. I think I must have been a bit blind in the past but over the last few months, I’ve really noticed how much plastic surrounds the products that we buy – from toys to food, we can’t get away from it. Some examples are utterly insane. I can’t remember which shop was the perpetrator but I remember recently seeing a packet of two avocados in a plastic tray and then wrapped in plastic. Arghhh why?!?   So I thought I’d try and have a week

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How to save water in your allotment

I adore my allotment. It’s a refuge, an individual peaceful haven that I retreat to for some nature related therapy when life is becoming all encompassing.     Originally, I took on our plot when my children were toddlers, as I wanted to show them how to grow food, where vegetables come from and how we can look after wildlife by choosing appropriate plants. I love anything nature-related and am a keen environmentalist. What has always troubled me with regards to allotment life is when I see people, particularly during the summer months, merrily drenching their earth with a hose.

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Vegan pancake recipe

View this post on Instagram Breakfast treat ❤ Vegan pancakes, blueberries and strawberries all drowning in agave nectar and squeezy chocolate from Sweet Freedom 🙌🏻 What do you love for breakfast? A post shared by Living with a Jude (@livingwithajude) on Dec 30, 2017 at 1:33am PST   It’s nearly pancake day woo hoo! Actually, that means very little in this household as we seem to eat pancakes every weekend at the moment.   I wanted to share with you a reliably fab vegan pancake recipe that everyone I’ve made them for seems to love. They come out really soft

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Simple Vegan Breakfast Ideas

*Sponsored post*   As you know, I will only bring you information that I believe in and that is important to me and my family. I have been sponsored to post this article about vegan breakfast ideas which I thought you might like to see as they are genuinely things I love to make (time permitting!) I find the content pretty inspiring actually and have just made a few little chia pots for the children’s breakfast. I know Emmeline will love it, Elsa probably won’t even try it as she’s recently become so fussy and Jude will eat it if I cover

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Allotment visit 1

A few years ago, ok more than that, more like about five years ago I had an allotment plot and Jude, Elsa and I used to go there for some fun, family time together. We’d choose seeds to plant, explore all the other amazing and somewhat intimidatingly well organised plots around us and just generally have a great few hours indulging in messy, primitive entertainment. Then we’d slowly meander home together and reflect on our fabulous and rewarding afternoon… Well, that was what was meant to happen but in reality, Jude, Elsa and I would go to our allotment plot and I’d

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