Following last week’s rather irate insistence that the council finally send on the necessary documents (a month later than they could have) to Jude’s new school, I thought I’d document Jude’s final couple of weeks at home. There are so many funny (and sometimes irritating, annoying and repetitive) traits that the boy presents that I […]

      I’ve written in the past about Jude’s funny habits and traits that certainly keep him unique to humankind but more recently I have noticed a clear definition of triggers that set him off into a melt down. His melt downs have been terrible recently and sometimes even making an appearance in the […]

    It’s funny how your views change as you (and your children) get older; individual wants and needs differ with progress and time so you inevitably find yourself contemplating scenarios you once never thought optional.   Today has been an horrendous day for Jude. He was awful this morning, throwing a wobbly about fifteen minutes before his bus […]