So despite the fact last week almost killed me with stress and fatigue, a couple of good things happened.   Firstly, I was kept up to date with meetings and progress by my new contact within the SEN team and was given a start date at Jude’s new school. It isn’t until Easter which is perfectly fine, […]

Dear HCC,   Please excuse the ubiquitous letter however so many people and so many departments have factored into our time in Hertfordshire that I can’t particularly address it to one individual. That would be unfair and unrealistic.   I have had quite an emotional week with one thing or another but what has pretty much […]

Children attending special needs schools often take council funded buses or taxis to school because they are generally not your local school distance away. Jude for example, currently attends a school which is about nine miles away. With this in mind and the fact that the taxi occupants aren’t your average, predictable bunch of children, […]