I don’t want you all to think I’m a completely miserable whinge bag who does nothing but complain about life so here are a few pictures of Jude this morning before school. Weirdly for this time of day, he was in a lovely mood. He played peekaboo with Emmeline, returned his bowl to the kitchen when he’d finished breakfast […]

I took some photos yesterday morning of the children because as a rarity, they were playing so beautifully. In particular what made me laugh was Emmeline stamping her sixteen month old authority by enforcing her elder siblings to engage in games SHE wanted to play. So for example, unlike Elsa, Emmeline is allowed into Jude’s room (he […]

I’m pretty proud today. Yesterday, I did something  I’ve been promising myself that I’ll do for ages…   I did something just for MYSELF. Myself! Ok, don’t get massively excited because it was wasn’t ground-breakingly inspiring. Around midday, when Emmeline was having a nap, I made myself some lunch and instead of rushing around doing chores, lamenting the […]