Mandara Spa – product review

As you all know, this year I am attempting to look after myself a little better. I have embarked on an exciting exercise plan which I’ll be telling you about next week, I’m drinking lots of water and have drastically reduced the amount of migraines I have to deal with, I’m reading more books which is a passion I was letting slip big time and finally, I’m attempting to sometimes say NO to suggestions when life is already getting too much.


So following all this, I was thrilled when Mandara Spa sent me some products to try out.


Mandara Spas are now visible all around the world however their historical Balinese heritage resonates through each venue with the focus being on holistic health, luxurious, natural ingredients and cultural healing techniques. They embrace the cultural diversity of a spa’s location but mix in a flavour of Bali with everything they offer. Importantly to me, their products contain no parabens, sulphates or mineral oils so aren’t potentially damaging in any way but instead combines gorgeously scented, natural products full of ingredients I love such as almond, sandalwood, ginseng and lime.

So let’s take a look at specifics:


Mandara 1

  •  Honey milk  Dream softening bath milk (£9) – I couldn’t try this out myself as it includes the animal ingredients, milk, honey and beeswax. As I have been trying to reduce my impact on the environment I have made a conscious decision to avoid any animal products. HOWEVER, I had a list of willing testers to take my place and a friend of mine confirmed the following…and I quote “the bath milk literally feels like pouring silk into the water. It is thin in texture but bubbles up well. It feels moisturising and the scent is subtle but really relaxing. I used too much in each bath because I was a bit enthusiastic but it could go quite a long way. I really enjoyed it”



Mandara 2

  •  Shea and Coconut body butter (£6)  was my personal favourite. This contains moisturising shea, cocoa and mango butters, sweet almond oil and coconut oil. So you can imagine how beautiful this feels on your skin! I love it. I have horribly dry skin so made a conscious effort to put some on after showering every day and I could feel the difference it made each time. It isn’t too thick so applies well unlike some body butters and appears a lot more expensive than the £6 it costs.



Mandara 3

  • Lip butters (a Lime, coconut and shea butter trio for £5) They are firm to touch so it isn’t possible to use too much but they leave a protective sheen over your lips because of the density of each ingredient. These are 10ml each but will last a really long time. I have one in my handbag and have left the other two around the house so I have no excuse not to use it.


I really liked trying out this brand as it isn’t one I’ve come across before and I’ll be sure to get some more body butter and lip butters once these have run out. It’s easy to buy, either online through their website or Amazon plus it’s even available in Sainsbury’s.


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