Will these be the motivation I need?

I haven’t done any actual sport/exercise for MONTHS. Literally months. Or has it actually been a year now…hmmm. I promised myself I’d get back into yoga…didn’t happen. I said I’d fit something in each week “just for me”…hasn’t happened. I quit the gym a while back as I was never able to make it there each week and if I’m honest, that was the final nail in my exercise coffin.

My absolute ambition is to join a lacrosse club but I’m too much of a wuss. I think I’m too old and everyone there will be 20 and really fit. I’ll be that awkward looking old woman in the corner. I loved lacrosse at school and wish desperately I’d been more confident back then as I wasn’t a bad player.


Sport has always been hugely important to me. Tennis as a youth plus school sports such as netball, athletics and lacrosse. In my 20’s I ran a lot, mostly long distances. But thanks to an absolutely buggered knee…made worse by the surgery I had a couple of years ago…I can barely even walk without feeling the pain. It hurts all the time now and not just when I run. As used to be the case. Thanks Mr Private Hospital “Specialist.” However, a good friend of mine is a physio so she’s going to be my last desperate hope of recovering my knee to even a basic level of normal-ness. I’m praying she can work a miracle because I hate having the left knee of a 90 year old.


A second ambition I have is to complete a triathlon. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages but because of my twatty knee. I can’t. I could do the swim and cycle bits but then I’d have to hand over the baton for someone to do the run section for me. So depressing and not really the point of a TRIathlon.


Anyway, what with my upcoming physio and a hazy but possibly unrealistic desire to get back into sport, I want to find a challenge. Anything. I want to compete in some way, even if it’s just against myself. You know how people complete Tough Mudders, marathons, etc. I want to do something like that! Do you have any suggestions? Taking into consideration the fact I can’t currently run…


I’ve treated myself to a few new sporting pieces of clothing recently in a rather equivocal attempt at inspiring myself. These leggings (below) in particular were gifted to me by JD Williams. I’m not going to lie…the minute I put them on, I want to go for a run. Join Elsa in her athletics training perhaps. Pah! Can you imagine?! She’d destroy me in a race around the track.

Anyway, they’re awesome.

The first pair are Reebok Colour Block and cost £45. Apologies for the funny lighting…the sun was so bright this day. Clearly not taken today as it’s been hideous weather all day!


These are so so soft and are long enough and high enough in the body that you feel comfortable.



I really love this pattern and even Elsa said she LOVES them. She’s the Queen of sportswear these days so if she likes them then they must be cool.



The second pair are Adidas Read to Go and cost £55. They have a mesh panel down the side. Really comfy again and despite being just one plain boring black colour, I think they look pretty good.



I don’t actually have a favourite but am hoping they give me the kick up the backside I need to register to do some sort of challenge. Or join the lacrosse club <3


Do you do any sport? I’d love to hear about your activities. 



*JD Williams gifted me two pairs of leggings (and they’re awesome!) 

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