The 5 Biggest Threats To Your Family’s Health This Christmas

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‘Tis the season to be jolly, and all over the world families are gearing up for the festive joviality of the holiday season.


Trees are being erected and decorated, presents are being frantically scooped up along bustling high streets, supermarkets are awash with the panic buying of festive foods and wines and parents and children alike are anticipating a much needed break from the daily grind to spend some quality time with their beloved families.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year that should be filled with happy memories and togetherness, but it’s also a time when (due to a combination of factors), families become extremely vulnerable to ill health. Make sure your family has a safe, healthy and happy Christmas by steering clear of these 5 threats…



Though many of us may be winding down at this time of year there are many sectors (retail, for instance) where work is busier than ever. Working long hours, getting broken or troubled sleep and getting too little rest can severely compromise your immune system. As tempting as it may be to work all the hours God sends in preparation don’t let this come at the expense of your health. Make sure you make time to relax and unwind and be sure to get at least 8 hours sleep a day for optimum immune function or you may be susceptible to….


Colds and Flu

The common cold is as ubiquitous as it is incurable. While it may only affect us for 6-14 days and do no lasting damage, it can really take the fun out of a family Christmas. If you’d rather have a kiss under the mistletoe than a sneeze in your face book in with your GP for a check up or use GPs powered by Babylon You should also check that your family’s flu vaccinations are up to date. Take necessary measures to prevent the transmission of cold and flu viruses in the home.


Slips and falls

As the weather gets colder and frostier even the most familiar of walks can become treacherous. Take extra special care when venturing outside and make sure that all commonly used areas around the house are kept free of snow and frost.


Food based pathogens

For most, Christmas dinner is the highpoint of the day. It’s a time when all the family comes together to enjoy a delicious meal in each other’s company. Unfortunately, it’s also a time of year when many families find themselves affected by pathogens in the meat they’ve cooked. While steps can be taken to protect your turkey or poultry from pathogens like salmonella, staphylococcus and campylobacter the whole family could benefit from an entirely vegan Christmas dinner which is not only more ethical and lower in risk but far healthier, which brings us to…


Over Indulgence

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying good food and drink over Christmas, the season has become a strange free pass for many to over indulge but this rarely makes for a happy, healthy Christmas. Overdoing it at the dinner table can lead to digestive problems that can stretch on well into boxing day while overindulgence on beers wines and spirits can lead to erratic behaviour, arguments and a thumping hangover come boxing day.


A little moderation and forward planning can ensure that the whole family enjoys a healthy and happy Christmas.

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